Linen pillowcases, bed linen not to be neglected

We spend more than a third of our lives in bed! It is estimated that an 80 year old person spends 25 years sleeping. Needless to say, it is important to take care of your bedding, including your pillowcases. We propose to see together why it is important to choose your pillowcase and the different linen models that we propose.

The importance of choosing the right pillowcase

The aesthetic aspect When you buy your bedding, you take care to choose your comforter, comforter cover, sheets and fitted sheets. Do you give the same importance to your pillowcases? They are not to be neglected, they finalize the style of your bed and make you want to slip into it at the end of the day. Whether you have square or rectangular pillows, we advise you to match your bed linen to create a beautiful harmony and a warm atmosphere. You can choose several materials, such as linen, which will give a lot of style and charm to your bedroom. This is one of the rooms in the house where the cocooning aspect is essential to invite relaxation.

The comfort

If the pillowcase protects the pillow from stains, it creates a comfortable and soft envelope against which we appreciate to curl up. A linen pillowcase will offer you all the softness you need for a good night's sleep. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, this fabric will allow you to stay warm in winter while cooling you in summer. You will not sweat and will have a much more restful sleep. Remember also that it is important to maintain your pillowcases by cleaning them regularly.

Discover our different models of linen pillowcases

We offer a wide range of linen pillowcases that will meet your criteria of style and comfort. You can choose from 14 colors (ice blue, mustard, coral, brick, ivory, salmon, etc.) and different sizes, for a better fit to your pillows: 50x75, 65x65, 50x100, 40x80, 80x80, etc. Find the pillowcase that matches the style of your bedroom and your bedding. We offer Bourdon edge pillowcases, designed in 100% linen fabric, with a double thickness. You can choose the color of the pillowcase and the bumblebee. If you are in the mood for romance and elegance, choose the washed linen pillowcases with knots. Also discover our linen pillowcases with flat ruffles, soft and welcoming for a peaceful sleep. If you want to be original, choose our pillowcases with frayed edges to give your bedroom a shabby chic look. Another option is to go modern with our linen pillowcases with flat colored edges. Ultra comfortable and soft, the quilted linen pillowcase with its 100% cotton filling is made to measure. Looking for a more romantic atmosphere? Let yourself be seduced by our romantic pillowcases with ruffles, buttoned linen (with its very neat finish: four mother-of-pearl buttons and a 5 cm side border) or our romantic pillowcases with ruffled edges. Whichever model you choose, linen will take care of the most sensitive skin and protect it from irritation. It promotes a restful rest, without waking up at night. Comfort and sweet dreams are yours! You now know the importance of choosing the right pillowcase and why a linen model will bring you all its comfort for a good quality sleep. You love the moment of going to bed at night? You'll enjoy it even more with your beautiful, comfortable and durable linen pillowcases. Have sweet dreams!