What is washed linen?

Washed linen vs. natural linen: what is the difference? Is it just as ecological as its raw version? What are the advantages of washed linen and how to care for it? All about washed linen, this coveted fabric.

Natural linen and washed linen

Washed linen is a sort of improved version of linen. The fabric undergoes several high-temperature washes with eco-friendly softeners and is tumble-dried. The material remains just as eco-friendly as its raw version. This process of controlled washing, called "decatizing linen" gives it a much less rough appearance than the original.

The advantages of washed linen

Why is washed linen so popular?

  • It offers a softness to the touch

Note that natural linen will also get this softness after several washes. The treatment just accelerates the transformation of the fabric.

  • It gives the fabric a distressed, wrinkled effect

Again, you can get the patina quite naturally over time, but untreated linen will lose its crumpled look with each wash.

  • It can be washed at high temperatures

Stains disappear more easily and effortlessly. This is not negligible!

  • It can be declined in an infinite number of colors

From its natural color to the most original tones, washed linen offers an infinite range of shades while maintaining the quality and color stability of linen.

The maintenance of washed linen

How to wash linen ?


Unlike natural, untreated linen, washed linen can be machine washed at up to 60°. This not only has the advantage of easily detaching the fabric, but also kills dust mites. A 100% anti-allergic bedding that is suitable for everyone. As with any type of fabric, always wash your dark and light colored linens separately. A little tip for the maintenance of washed linen, don't hesitate to add white vinegar to your laundry from time to time. This will revive the colors and whiten the white linen.


Once again, if machine drying is strongly discouraged for the maintenance of natural linen, washed linen supports the tumble dryer very well. It is however preferable not to overload the machine and to make a short cycle and finish the complete drying in the open air to preserve the swelling of the fabric. Put a tennis ball in the drum to prevent the fabric from cracking.


Should washed linen be ironed? No. The treatments undergone by washed linen allow to avoid the chore of ironing. It recovers its initial qualities simply by drying! What more could you ask for? When asked, can washed linen be ironed? Yes, but on several conditions: never iron it dry, but always slightly damp and iron it preferably on the reverse side.

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