Blackout linen curtains

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    Linen curtains equipped with blackout lining offer a series of valuable benefits in the home, ranging from light management to improving comfort and energy efficiency through its thermal properties. Here is a list of the main advantages:

    Room Darkening

    Blackout curtains are designed to block light effectively, creating total darkness inside rooms, which is ideally sought after for bedrooms, home theaters, or any room requiring a dark ambiance.

    Increased Privacy and Better Sleep

    Due to its total opacity, blackout curtains also offer increased privacy by preventing prying eyes from the outside. By creating a dark and peaceful ambiance, a blackout curtain promotes falling asleep and ensures better sleep by regulating circadian rhythms and promoting the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

    Noise Reduction

    A blackout curtain also acts as a thermal barrier by filtering out a large portion of external noises, helping to create a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere in your room. The blackout curtain is a thick fabric, consisting of different layers, which will absorb external sounds, but also reduce echo and regulate sound reverberation produced inside your room. Strong exposure to external noises such as plane flights, constant vehicle traffic, and other noises can constitute very bothersome noise pollution that can, over time, cause irritation and stress in people's behavior.

    Thermal Insulation and Energy Cost Reduction

    Thanks to their thickness and special lining, blackout curtains contribute significantly to thermal insulation by retaining heat indoors during winter and blocking external heat during hot seasons, which can result in significant energy savings. By regulating indoor temperature, the blackout curtain reduces dependence on air conditioners and heating systems. Its benefits operate throughout the year.

    Aesthetic and Protection of Your Decor

    By blocking sunlight, blackout curtains help prevent fading and damage to furniture, carpets, sofas, and other objects from prolonged exposure to UV rays. Its lining also prevents fading of the front panel of washed linen directly exposed to sunlight and thus ensures greater longevity.

    What color to choose for your blackout curtain?

    Whatever the ambiance of your room, you will surely find the color that will perfectly match or complement the overall atmosphere of your interior decoration. You can opt for a blackout linen curtain in washed neutral tones such as ivory, white, natural beige, or mineral gray for a calm and peaceful ambiance. If you prefer a more dynamic atmosphere, choose brighter tones like our French blue, mint green, or coral. Finally, to create a more subdued and intimate atmosphere, dress your window with our olive green, lead gray, or black ink. In total, there are no less than 16 colors of washed linen available at Linenshed to enhance your interior. We recommend ordering in advance our swatch of 16 washed linen colors + blackout fabric so you can personally select the color that best suits the ambiance of your room.

    What is the most suitable fixation for hanging your blackout curtains?

    You have just moved into an apartment or a house with pre-installed curtain fixtures. And that's great because it will save you valuable time and some money. Linenshed offers its blackout curtains, like all its curtains, in a wide variety of finishes.

    If you have a curtain rod installed in your room, opt for a finish with metal eyelets, offered in 5 colors, to further accentuate the modernity of your interior, or our curtain with hidden tabs. The hidden tab offers a most elegant effect because it hides the rod, but offers the disadvantage that for heavier curtains such as blackout curtains, the sliding is less smooth.

    You can then opt for the gathering tape, which allows you to attach rings or only hooks when your fixture is a simple rail, and thus offers you the same visual effect as the hidden tab while allowing the curtain to slide more freely along your rod. Finally, we also offer curtains with visible tabs or held by thin ties, to give your window a more feminine decorative aspect.

    All you have to do is get a measuring tape and accurately measure the height and width of your windows to choose one of the three standard curtain lengths that would best suit; 215 cm, 245 cm, or 275 cm.

    If the ideal dimension is not listed in our standard menu, head to our custom section so that your blackout curtain is made to your specifications in width and length, to perfectly match the dimensions and types of fixtures of your windows. The width of our standard curtains is 140 cm. Our wide width washed linen fabric allows you to order custom curtains up to 295 cm wide, without any seams and can therefore better meet any specific requests to dress very wide bay windows.

    64 products