Custom Blackout Curtain in Linen

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    Blackout curtains offer several significant advantages in terms of noise reduction, thermal control, and light blocking in a room.

    When measuring your windows, you may realize that standard, ready-to-hang blackout curtains do not fit your window dimensions, and you will need to use a custom-made service for their creation.

    Stay calm! Linenshed is here to assist you in this process because when they are specifically made to the measurements of your windows, the efficiency of your blackout curtains will be optimized on all levels. Our experienced seamstresses are ready to meet your expectations in every detail.

    Choosing the Color of Your Custom Blackout Curtains

    The choice of curtain color plays a crucial role in a room's decoration, as it can significantly impact the overall ambiance, style, and perception of the space. Here is why the choice of curtain color is so important:

    Firstly, the color of the curtains can influence the room's atmosphere. Warm tones like red, orange, or yellow can bring a sense of warmth and friendliness, ideal for living spaces or dining rooms where you want to create a welcoming ambiance. On the other hand, cooler tones like white, ivory, blue, green, or gray can provide a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or relaxation areas.

    By choosing curtains in tones similar to those of the walls or furniture, you create a visual harmony that unifies the entire room. Conversely, opting for a contrasting curtain color can add dynamism and visual interest to the space.

    Adding these custom curtains effectively perfects your interior decoration by harmonizing the colors with your other decorative elements such as your duvet cover, bedspread, or sofa.

    The choice of curtain color can also influence the perception of the room size. Light and bright curtain tones can make the room appear larger and brighter, while darker tones can have a framing effect, creating a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

    If you have doubts about the exact color matching that you see online in our Linenshed store, we strongly encourage you to order our color swatch. It includes our 16 linen shades, accompanied by a sample of our blackout fabric. This will allow you to confirm the color and texture of your choice before finalizing your order with confidence.

    Beyond the visual aspect, which will likely guide your choice among our 16 colors of washed linen, it is crucial to carefully measure your windows.

    Properly Ordering Your Custom Blackout Curtains

    Whether your windows are adorned with an elegant rod or a more discreet rail, you now have the opportunity to enhance your space with custom blackout curtains, made according to your preferences. Regardless of the hanging system installed for your curtains, we can meet your needs by offering a variety of finishes such as hidden tabs, visible tabs, metal rings, or a pleated tape. Thus, your curtains, lined with our high-quality blackout fabric, will offer optimal aesthetics in dressing your windows.

    To fully enjoy all the benefits offered by custom blackout curtains, make sure they generously exceed the frame of your windows on all four sides.

    This precaution ensures not only total darkness in your room but also optimal efficiency in terms of thermal insulation. With our high-quality custom blackout curtains, you will avoid any undesirable heat loss, ensuring optimal thermal comfort in your living space.

    Moreover, by protecting your textiles from direct sunlight, you extend their durability by preventing premature fading caused by UV rays. Thus, you can fully enjoy your space while preserving the beauty and integrity of your fabrics.

    In Summary

    Dressing your windows with custom blackout curtains contributes to three main functions:

    1. **Noise Reduction**: A blackout curtain differs visually from an ordinary curtain by being lined, often with a polyester panel that serves as an opaque screen to fulfill several functions, including acoustic insulation of your room from external noises. The specific construction of this insulating fabric absorbs a significant portion of external noises, helping to reduce noise disturbances inside the room. This can be particularly beneficial in busy urban areas or near a noise source such as a busy road.

    2. **Thermal Insulation**: Our custom blackout curtains are made with a blackout lining that has enhanced thermal insulation properties. The blackout lining acts as an additional barrier against any heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer, helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the room. These thermal curtains can indeed help reduce energy consumption by limiting the need for heating or air conditioning.

    3. **Light Blocking**: Thanks to their special lining, custom blackout curtains are extremely effective at blocking external light. This creates a dark environment conducive to rest, which is particularly useful in bedrooms, projection rooms, or any other place where excessive light can be disturbing. In addition to blocking external light, custom blackout curtains also provide extra privacy by preventing prying eyes from seeing inside. This allows the occupants of the room to feel more comfortable and secure at home.

    ### Ordering Your Blackout Curtains in 4 Steps

    Ordering washed linen blackout curtains from Linenshed is a simple process that only requires four small steps:

    1. Choose from our 16 colors of washed linen available in our store.

    2. Confirm the type of fixing among our 5 options according to your installation.

    3. Confirm the width and length in centimeters after taking your measurements.

    4. Confirm the number of curtains and add them to your cart.

    Then you just need to wait a few days to enjoy your new custom blackout curtains.

    63 products