Linen Curtains

A natural linen curtain is suitable for any interior. As a noble and natural material, linen remains timeless in interior decoration.

Curtains are a stylish and durable option to dress your windows and decorate your room. Warm and light, linen alone dresses up a room. There are several types of linen curtains, each with their own unique features and benefits.

Natural linen curtains are a popular choice for those looking for a more eco-friendly and simple product. Made from the unlined fabric, these curtains are often lightweight and allow light to filter through. This helps to create a natural and airy style for your room. These curtains more often have a decorative purpose than light protection. You can also choose to opt for lined curtains (white cotton lining). Lined or unlined, Linenshed offers you a wide variety of colors to choose from, giving you the flexibility to coordinate the curtains with the decor of the room. Lined linen curtains are often a bit heavier than unlined curtains, which makes them more suitable for rooms where some privacy is preferred and desirable.

Discover our many models made of 100% pure linen fabrics, from undyed natural washed linen to our sixteen complementary colors.

Linen blackout curtains on Linenshed

You can also opt for linen curtains lined with blackout fabric if you are looking for good thermal insulation, but also protection against light and noise. However, be aware that blackout linen curtains are generally heavier and thicker than other types of linen curtains.

Linen blackout curtain, lined curtain, beige, blue, burgundy, coral linen curtain or even natural linen curtains, the Linenshed range of linen curtains adapts to all your desires. From classic style to the romantic originality of a ruffled curtain, a wide choice of colors and sizes is available. Plain or two-tone, our washed linen curtains match your decor. Need a curtain for your window of a particular size? All our curtain models are made-to-measure. And if you want to make your own linen curtains yourself, discover our offer of linen fabric by the meter.

Linen curtains of all styles

Choose linen curtains for the light and resistant character of the fabric. Washed linen provides an elegant and casual look. This fabric is also ideal for the summer since the linen helps keep the room cool, and in winter the linen curtains allow you to keep the heat in. Our linen curtains are also available in many hanging methods, you can choose the one that suit you best.

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