Pajamas in linen for men

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    Whether it's a gift or a purchase for your personal use, pajamas remain a staple in your indoor wardrobe.

    When looking for a men's pajama set, the priority criteria that will likely guide your decision are the model based on the season, comfort, and then price. We often seek out pajamas when the nights are cooler because pajamas act like a second skin and keep you warmer.

    Thus, the choice between a cotton pajama and a linen pajama will depend on your personal preferences and the comfort you seek. Each fabric has its own distinctive characteristics that are important to consider when making your purchasing decision.

    Linen pajamas and cotton pajamas: what's the difference?

    Firstly, as a natural material, cotton pajamas are soft and breathable. Therefore, they help absorb body sweat during the night. Cotton pajamas are easy to care for, and their cost is often very reasonable, but their lifespan can be relatively short depending on how frequently they are worn and washed. They also require ironing to ensure a neater appearance.

    On the other hand, linen pajamas also offer many advantages, even more so than cotton pajamas.

    Firstly, linen is a natural material known for its thermoregulatory properties. This makes it a fabric that not only keeps you cool during warmer nights but also warm during the winter season.

    Linen also tends to become softer and more pleasant to the touch over time, meaning the more you wash and wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. Washed linen has undergone a special chemical-free treatment that gives it a particular structured appearance, making it not only more supple but also eliminating the need for ironing. You can therefore wear your pajamas straight from the dryer if you wish.

    Washed linen has a natural and relaxed look that gives the fabric a rustic and elegant charm. Washed linen is also easy to maintain, as it can be machine washed and tends to wrinkle elegantly, adding some character to your indoor clothing.

    Another advantage of washed linen is its durability. It is resistant to daily wear and tear, meaning your washed linen pajamas can accompany you for many seasons without showing signs of premature wear.

    A linen pajama for men according to your personality

    Linenshed offers an extensive selection of men's pajamas. You can choose between our classic "Diego" pajamas, with long sleeves, our "Emmanuel" pajamas, which are summer pajamas with shorts and a short-sleeved jacket, or a more original model, "Ronaldo," whose long-sleeved jacket is cut like a shirt with rounded tails. And if you don't particularly like pajama sets, you can always opt for linen pajama pants or shorts for men, which you can wear with a t-shirt or one of our linen robes.

    Our "Bruno" nightshirt with specially refined finishes is inspired by traditional nightshirts, with a particularly ample cut that is very comfortable.

    All our models are available from size XS to 4XL to accommodate virtually all body types.

    Our pajamas and nightshirts for men are modern and available in various colors, from classic ones like blue, beige, or white to more colorful ones like pink, coral, burgundy, mustard yellow, or olive green, allowing you to express your personality even in your sleepwear.

    Choose washed linen pajamas to end the day on a good note

    Slipping into linen pajamas after work can be an extremely relaxing way to end your day. When you come home after a busy day, you often long to relax and shed the constraints of the day. Linen, with its soft and lightweight texture, offers a soothing sensation on the skin, creating a smooth transition between the outside world and the comfort of your home.

    Putting on linen pajamas allows you to free yourself from restrictive work clothes, leave behind the stress of the day, and wrap yourself in a pleasant and airy fabric. Linen, with its natural and relaxed charm, promotes a sense of well-being and tranquility. This ritual of changing into pajamas can help create an environment conducive to relaxation, unwinding, and better sleep quality.

    Thus, slipping into linen pajamas becomes more than just a clothing transition; it becomes a symbol of liberation, comfort, and relaxation, helping you unwind and fully enjoy your time at home.

    150 products