Linen shirts for women

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    The choice of a linen blouse compared to other materials such as cotton, blended linen, or polyester can depend on several factors, including comfort, durability, aesthetics, price, and environmental impact.

    Firstly, linen is renowned for its exceptional breathability, promoting air circulation around the body. This characteristic makes linen clothing ideal for hot climates or for people prone to sweating. Compared to cotton, this exceptional natural material has the ability to absorb moisture more quickly, providing an immediate feeling of freshness. In contrast, comparing it to polyester seems inappropriate, as the latter, derived from the oil industry, lacks breathability. As a result, polyester clothing is unable to regulate body temperature, whether in hot or cold weather.

    In terms of durability, linen is also an interesting choice. It is known for its strength and longevity, meaning linen blouses tend to last longer than those made of cotton or polyester, thereby reducing the need for frequent replacement. Linen care is facilitated by the fact that it requires little to no ironing, is machine washable, and dries very quickly in the open air.

    Aesthetically, linen has a naturally elegant and textured appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It often offers a casual and chic look, perfect for both informal and professional occasions.

    Finally, from an environmental perspective, linen is considered more environmentally friendly than polyester, which is neither recyclable nor renewable. Linen cultivation generally requires less water and chemicals than cotton cultivation, making it a more sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

    In summary, choosing a linen blouse can provide a balance between comfort, durability, aesthetics, and environmental awareness, making it an attractive option for many consumers concerned about their style and the environment.

    A linen shirt for every occasion

    In its collection of linen shirts for women, Linenshed offers a wide selection of blouses, ranging from size XS to 2XL, available in 16 linen colors. Our wide variety of different linen shirt styles allows you to easily match your linen blouse with your summer wardrobe, whether your choice is a short shirt to accentuate your waist, a long shirt to elongate your silhouette, with a round neck, French collar, or boat neck, each suitable for either a casual day with jeans and sneakers, or a more formal event with a linen skirt. Each blouse being made to order, our team of experienced seamstresses is at your disposal for any minor adjustments according to your specific needs. The chic bohemian style of washed linen can be further enhanced with accessories such as pretty earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and richly printed scarves. The versatility of linen blouses offers great freedom in dressing while guaranteeing effortless elegance and comfort.

    A choice of blouses for all your desires

    Linenshed offers 4 models, all made from high-quality linen of French origin and crafted to order in Portugal in our workshop on the outskirts of Lisbon.

    - "Eva" is a linen blouse with a masculine style covering the waist, with a wide cut and long sleeves. It can pair perfectly with your favorite jeans or classic pants for work.

    - "Mayara" with its boat neck is a blouse model with generous finishes, with 3/4 sleeves and a buttonless crossover front. It allows you to maintain total ease of movement, combining comfort and style. Ideally worn with pants or a skirt, it will be your best ally during hot summer days.

    - "Alana" is a blouse perfectly suited for a casual day out or an evening with friends. Its mandarin collar and more fitted cut accentuate your silhouette very advantageously, especially when worn with shorts or jeans. Thanks to the slightly wrinkled texture of our washed linen, it ensures a truly original style.

    - "Flor" is a linen blouse with a loose fit, a buttoned neckline, a mandarin collar, and short sleeves, to ensure greater breathability in all circumstances. Ideally worn with jeans or one of our linen pants, it will quickly become the essential blouse to effortlessly match your summer outfits by choosing one of our 16 linen colors.

    60 products