Linen Placemats

To add a touch of originality to your table, there's nothing like pretty washed linen placemats. Something to give a special touch to each of your meals.

A privileged backdrop for your plates, whether they are in terracotta or fine porcelain, they will perfectly complement your decoration while protecting your table top or your washed linen tablecloth.
Their beauty lies in the detail of an artisanal manufacture, a fine weaving of high density (190 gr) and a dye which gives them resistance to multiple machine washes. We offer them in multiple finishes ranging from a simple border with contrasting bourdon, to flounced borders, or hemstitched and in our 16 linen colors so that you can combine them with your linen tablecloth or linen napkins. the same collection.

Our "premium" linen of French origin is woven and dyed in Portugal, and all the manufacturing of our placemats is carried out in our workshops on the edge of Lisbon in Portugal, which makes it a 100% European product.
For those who are eco-responsible, flax is the preferred material since its cultivation requires very little water, no fertilizer and allows it to absorb a huge amount of CO2 during its growth to finally be fully recyclable.

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