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    Mainly during cooler nights, the flat sheet is the element of your bedding set that is somewhat overlooked in favor of your duvet cover, which is easier to put back in place and especially warmer. However, a flat sheet has many advantages, and when made of washed linen, it provides even greater comfort than any other material used in its making.

    The Linen Flat Sheet, an Essential Bedding Item

    The Linen Flat Sheet will become the essential element of your bedding set all year round, both in winter and summer. Our linen sheets are available in our store in any size; for a bed of 140cm, 160cm, or even 180cm or 200cm, thanks to Linenshed's use of a wide fabric of 295cm. It will offer perfect comfort during hot nights, and during winter, placed between you and the duvet, a flat sheet will prevent you from having to wash the duvet cover too often while also offering the possibility of folding it at the head of the bed for a certain decorative aspect, especially if you choose to select it in a complementary or contrasting color according to your desires, it can add a personal touch to your bedding set for a reasonable budget.

    Why Choose Linen Flat Sheets?

    Linen flat sheets offer timeless elegance to any bedding. Linen, a prized natural fibre for its breathability and durability, provides a soft and cool touch. With a softness that improves with each wash, these flat sheets add a touch of rustic luxury to your bedroom. In addition to their aesthetics, they are also known for their durability and ability to regulate moisture, offering comfortable nights of sleep throughout the year.

    A Wide Palette of Styles and Colours Available

    We offer a wide choice of different styles, such as basic linen sheets with a 5 cm border at the head of the bed, fringed for a very bohemian look, with a ruffle for a romantic decor, or with a bourdon edge on all four sides, definitively very design. All our sheets are always available in our 16 linen colors, white linen sheet, blue linen sheet, black linen sheet, pink linen sheet, and more. Whatever its style or color, the linen flat sheet will accompany you through your nights and offer you unmatched comfort and maintenance compared to any other natural material.

    Flat Sheet for 1 or 2 People

    Whether you prefer a single or shared bed, our quality linen flat sheets will envelop you in softness and freshness. With a variety of styles and colours, you can personalise your sleeping space while enjoying the pleasant feeling of well-chosen bedding. Discover all our high-quality linen flat sheets for 2 people, 1 person, and even for your offspring.

    35 products