The bed cover, the essential detail of the bedding

The bed cover has become the essential decorative element to dress your bed. Often hidden in our bedrooms, it is far from being a simple accessory. The bed cover is very useful to hide the often unsightly parts of the bedding. For a more aesthetic look, it hides the slats and springs of your box spring. It brings a touch of charm to your room and a cozy side for your eyes pleasure. For its practical side, it allows you to hide any storage drawers placed under the bed and to keep your bedding in good condition for as long as possible. Indeed, thanks to the bed frame cover, the mattress will no longer rub against the bed frame, which in turn will not wear out. The bed cover comes in several shapes and colors, so you can match it with your bed linen or comforter cover to create a uniform atmosphere. If you are looking for comfort and softness, choose a linen bedcover. Choosing a linen bedding is the guarantee of a resistant fabric (even after several machine washes), healthy and refined (hypoallergenic and antibacterial) and insulating for a feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter. You will have understood it, a linen bed cover will give you only happiness!

The different types of bed covers

If you are only looking to protect your mattress, choose a classic bed cover with a neutral style. To create a slightly offbeat atmosphere, the linen bed cover with knots or the ruffled bed cover will fit perfectly in the bedroom to add more frivolity. For a contemporary style, we will opt for the models of linen bedspreads with open angles or four sides perfectly adjusted to the height of the bed.

Want a bohemian chic vibe with a touch of romance in your bedroom? The washed linen bed cover with ruffles is majestic with its imposing appearance and its fluidity that impacts the floor. It will not only protect you from all kinds of skin irritations and bacteria, but also from dust while hiding the objects you have placed under your bed.

You are spoilt for choice with these different models. You may as well opt for a personalized bed cover that will be better suited to your bedding. Either you decide to make the legs of your bed visible or you choose a suitable height to hide them. This is where it's essential to take the right measurements to choose the right height bed cover.

Colorful bedding

For an ultra-discreet look, keep it simple witha white linen cover to protect your box spring. It will go perfectly with delicate bedding colors like beige, ivory gray or lilac. For a romantic atmosphere, the salmon pink or tomato red linen bed cover will add charm to your bedroom.

To bring a touch of originality and exoticism to your bedding, brighten up your bedroom with a linen bedcover with mustard or coral ruffles that will look great with printed wall art.

Maintaining your bedcover

To properly care for your linen bedcover, it's easy to follow the manufacturer's instructions. In general, it is recommended to wash your linen bedding at 30°C. Avoid putting it in the dryer so that it does not shrink.

Whether it's with knots, ruffles or ruffles, classic or colored, the bed cover will camouflage, with elegance, a bedding a little outdated.