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    The linen shirts for men offered by Linenshed are indispensable pieces for those seeking both comfort and elegance. Linen, renowned for its lightweight and breathability, is the preferred choice for crafting men's shirts. One of the major advantages of Linenshed's linen shirts lies in their exceptional comfort.

    Washed linen for superior comfort

    Our linen shirts are crafted from the highest quality washed linen. The linen we use has been developed in collaboration with a weaver in Portugal. The linen treatment, to deserve its washed linen appellation, undergoes a special chemical-free process before being transformed into shirts, robes, boxer shorts, or tunics, making it more resistant and less likely to deform or shrink after repeated washes. This treatment also makes the linen softer, giving it a very pleasant touch and structured appearance. A linen shirt from Linenshed will thus withstand successive summers without showing any signs of wear. The choice of a tightly woven fabric further enhances its flexibility and softness, improving with each successive wash.

    A linen shirt for every occasion

    The versatility of linen shirts is undeniable. Depending on your preference, choose from a French collar linen shirt, button-up, or one with a mandarin collar. For a casual look, pair your linen shirt, preferably white, with jeans and sneakers, and roll up the sleeves for an even cooler touch. Wear it open over a t-shirt or directly on the skin. If you're aiming for an elegant summer style, match your linen shirt with linen trousers or bermudas in a complementary or contrasting color, according to your preferences.

    For a touch of originality, opt for a mandarin collar linen shirt, also known as a Mao collar, which you can pair with leather shoes. Mandarin collar shirts have no points or buttons, and their collar is slightly rounded, relaxed, and modern, ideal for a more laid-back atmosphere. If you want to adopt a more formal style, wear it under a suit jacket. Whatever your preference and the model you choose, a plain linen shirt remains an essential piece in any man's wardrobe.

    Whether you opt for long or short sleeves depending on the time of year, our linen shirts at Linenshed are all available in our 16 colors. Surprise yourself by choosing a linen shirt in tones such as coral, French blue, olive green, or old pink, or, if you prefer, stay more classic with a white, beige, or ivory shirt. It will be easy to effortlessly match your linen shirt with a sweater or a nice linen jacket.

    We advise you to refer to the boutique's size guide to enhance your comfort experience with your new linen shirt by choosing a size that best fits your physique, from XS to 4XL sizes available in the store.

    Washed linen shirt, a sustainable choice

    Washed linen is a more durable fabric depending on several key factors.

    Linen is environmentally sustainable because it requires much less water and chemicals for its cultivation and production than all other natural textile fibers, thus helping to reduce environmental impact during its production. The fabric used for our entire collection is 100% linen, no blended linen, cotton and linen, or linen and ramie, which is of great importance to benefit from all the properties of this natural fiber.

    Moreover, Linenshed prides itself on its particularly virtuous manufacturing system by producing only items that have been previously ordered by its customers. At Linenshed, there is no mass production and a minimum of waste, which are, at best, recycled into the making of smaller items such as boxer shorts, placemat sets, coasters, or cocktail napkins.

    30 products