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    Linenshed provides you with its team of experienced seamstresses to tailor your custom curtains with perfect finishes, in a fast turnaround time, and in a wide choice of colors.

    Choosing the Right Linen Curtain for Your Room

    Making the right choice of your linen curtains to dress the multiple windows of your home or apartment is more crucial than it may seem. Among our range of curtains, you can choose an unlined linen curtain, lined with a white cotton lining, or even with a blackout lining. Each finish will have a significant impact on the ambiance, aesthetics, and functionality of each space. It is therefore essential to select the type of linen curtain according to your living spaces, whether it's curtains for the living room, bedroom, or shower curtains for the bathroom.

    An unlined linen curtain may be ideal for a living room where you want to let in light and sunlight; lined with our cotton poplin, it will provide you with some privacy while retaining a touch of texture and warmth to your decor.

    Finally, for the bedroom or a home theater, the option of curtains with blackout lining will ensure perfect control of sunlight as well as perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, promoting quality sleep while protecting other elements of your decoration, furniture, and fabrics, from fading.

    Why Opt for Custom Curtains?

    Opting for custom curtains offers many advantages over ready-made curtains, and here are a few points highlighting the multiple benefits that our custom service offers you:

    Perfect Fit: Custom curtains are made to the exact dimensions of your windows to the nearest centimeter. This ensures a perfect fit without wrinkles or empty spaces, thus improving the aesthetics of your space. Our pure linen fabric from France is offered in a large width of 290 cm, with a weight of 190 gr per m2. This fabric is in stock in our store in all the colors offered, including wide-width gray linen, wide-width natural linen, wide-width white linen, pink, orange, blue, and many others.

    Total Customization: You have total control over the finish you want for your linen curtain by selecting the type of fixation that will perfectly match your installation, whether it's a rod, by choosing hidden tab curtains, visible tab curtains, or curtains with metal rings, or a rail, by opting for a finish with ruffles to place hooks.

    Meeting Specific Needs: If you have windows of unusual sizes, sliding patio doors, or any other parameter that does not allow you to opt for ready-made curtains, we can meet most of your specific requests. Custom curtains give you total control over every detail to meet your aesthetic and functional preferences that match everyone's personality and the unique touch you want to bring to your interior decoration.

    Measuring Your Window Properly to Create Your Custom Curtain

    It is imperative to take accurate measurements when ordering custom curtains to ensure a perfect fit and optimal aesthetics. Here are a few points to observe when measuring your windows before confirming the exact dimensions with us.

    First, get yourself a metal retractable tape measure preferably 5m for more precision. Start by measuring the total width of your window, from the outer edge of one frame to the other. Note this measurement in cm, which is the unit to be filled in when ordering. For hidden tab curtains, visible tab curtains, or curtains with metal rings, it is advisable to multiply the width of your rod by 1.5 to 2 to give your curtains a nice fullness and ensure some elegance to your window. For pleated curtains, finished with a pleating tape, it is advisable to multiply the width of your windows up to 3x, depending on the type of pleats you desire.

    Next, measure the height of your curtains by positioning your tape measure from the top of the rod or rail hooks already installed to the floor if you want your curtains to stop at floor level. If, on the contrary, you want the curtain to stop at the window sill or a radiator, measure to that point.

    When choosing your rods or rails, try to provide sufficient length so that they extend a few centimeters beyond the frame of your windows to allow the curtains to open completely without obstructing the light source.

    In conclusion, precision is essential when ordering custom curtains. Take the time to measure meticulously the width, height, and all relevant details to ensure you get curtains that fit perfectly to your windows, adding both style and functionality to your space.

    What's the Cost for Custom Curtains?

    To instantly calculate the cost of your custom curtains on Linenshed, the store has an integrated application on the product page.

    After selecting the type of custom curtains, plain or with ruffles, in draped linen without lining, in draped linen with cotton lining, or with a blackout lining, you just need to confirm the type of fixation and the dimensions in centimeters. Our application will calculate the exact cost after you have activated the "Calculate the price" button.

    If you have additional instructions regarding the dimension of the hem, or any other specifications, you can do so just before placing your order through a dedicated space to leave a special note or contact us by email or phone.

    116 products