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    The linen jacket, with its sophisticated yet relaxed look, is often associated with the chic and laid-back aesthetic of Italy. The washed linen jacket, with its slightly wrinkled texture, perfectly reflects this spirit of effortless elegance. It embodies the ability to be impeccably dressed while maintaining a natural ease and distinguished nonchalance.

    The linen jacket: versatility and sartorial sophistication

    The linen jacket is a garment that can be worn both in the office and for a seaside stroll or social or festive events, adding a casual touch without compromising on elegance. It can be paired with a simple cotton t-shirt and linen chino-style pants with sneakers, or with a lightweight cotton or linen shirt, a suit vest, and leather shoes for a more formal look. However you accessorize your linen jacket, it guarantees a comfort and elegance reminiscent of Italian cinema icons and the Dolce Vita.

    Linen is a naturally breathable and lightweight material, perfectly suited to the warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. It is therefore a natural choice for those who appreciate sophistication and comfort in their clothing during warmer periods.

    The linen jacket, a discreet luxury

    Linen is a material associated with a sense of luxury and quality. Its soft and lightweight texture offers subtle and timeless sophistication rather than a flamboyant display of wealth. Its construction, made with meticulous care and attention to detail, gives it the status of a luxurious garment. Furthermore, linen is a material that improves with time. The more you wear your washed linen jacket, the more its appearance and fluidity will express itself in each of your movements. Its slightly loose fit allows it to effortlessly accompany you in everyday activities.

    Our "Joaquim" linen jacket is inspired by traditional workwear, featuring two large pockets and an interior pocket for a wallet or passport. Made with a linen lining, it ensures optimal support without the risk of deformation. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, our washed linen Joaquim jacket can certainly accommodate a wide range of body types.

    Like our linen shirts or tunics, our linen jackets are available in our 16 colors, from neutral tones such as white, ivory, beige, or black, to more accentuated colors such as French blue, coral, burgundy, or olive green.

    How to care for a linen jacket

    Maintaining a linen jacket is relatively simple but requires some precautions to preserve its quality and durability. You can wash your linen jacket by hand or machine, selecting a delicate wash cycle and using a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Avoid spinning, which could cause fabric deformation, and whenever possible, air dry your linen jacket rather than using a dryer to avoid excessive shrinking and wrinkling.

    By following these basic care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your linen jacket and keep it looking fresh and elegant for many seasons to come.

    15 products