Decorating trend: Shabby chic style

What is Shabby chic and how to adopt it in your home

You dream of redoing your interior in a romantic way and you love to hunt for old furniture and other treasures from the past? If you like the pure style, white, with light colors. The Shabby chic style is for you! We suggest you discover what exactly is Shabby chic. Let's see together these essential elements and how to adopt it in your interior design.

What is Shabby chic?

Shabby chic is an interior design trend that dates back to the 1980s. It could be translated as "worn out chic" or "damaged chic". It was popularized by Rachel Ashwell, an Englishwoman who first used the term in Word of Interiors magazine. She has strongly developed this style from California. The idea is to make something new out of something old, to give character to a room. The result is a warm and romantic atmosphere where the memories of the past flourish. We adopt an almost retro style. We will give a lot of charm to his interior with furniture found during flea markets. It is then a question of giving them a blow of youth and a little modernity by restoring them with paint. And it's off to a new life!

The essential elements of Shabby chic decoration

As you can see, with Shabby chic, we refer to the old with vintage furniture, wood patina, the basis of this trend. The light is also very important. The rooms must, in fact, be very bright. As far as colors are concerned, white is favored and associated with soft, pastel colors. We aim for a natural global spirit with materials like wood and linen, the ideal fabric for this elegant and bohemian style. We love floral patterns on a plaid, cushions or armchairs. They will give a very romantic and charming atmosphere. Flowers also invite themselves on the walls: put floral wallpaper on a wall (but not more). Do you have a pretty porcelain vase from your grandmother? Show it off with beautiful flowers! Lace is also in, bring out your grandmother's lace doilies. You can also bypass the objects by putting flowers in a teapot or an old tin pot.

How to adopt Shabby chic in your interior design?

Still as trendy today and a real fashion phenomenon among our Anglo-Saxon friends, the Shabby chic style is very popular, because it is quite simple to adopt and for all budgets. Take a look in your attic or in your family's attic: you're bound to find some old treasures. After a bit of cleaning and sanding, they'll look great in your living room or bedroom. You can work the paint with sandpaper or create your own flaws that will make them look great. As for accessories, to complete the decoration, use candles, old birdcages, refined tableware, pretty photo frames and why not antique clocks. Add your knick-knacks found here and there for even more cachet. For your fabrics, choose natural linens such as linen, which will blend in perfectly with the romantic atmosphere: beautiful washed linen curtains, pillowcases with ruffles and why not a washed linen bedspread with gathers. You now have all the keys in hand to adopt Shabby chic in your interior design. But beware of slipping! Aim for balance and harmony between the old and the new to avoid kitsch.