Zoom Trend 2020: Linen and rattan

Natural materials used in interior design such as linen bedding, wooden furniture, rattan seats ... are becoming increasingly trendy by occupying a place of choice in different rooms of the house, in summer and winter! Linen and rattan, the two leading materials of the moment, can be used both inside a house and outside on a terrace. Timeless materials and without artifice, aficionados of natural furniture will not be able to do without them. Despite a very different texture and style, the two textiles harmoniously combine elegance and retro.

Rattan, a resistant and vintage material

Rattan comes from a wild plant that has the shape of a light yellow strap. It belongs to the palm family and is used to make furniture. In vogue in the 60s and 70s, or even 80s, we gradually abandoned this material, finding it old-fashioned and outdated. But for some time now, rattan has made a timid, but quite convincing return. It is found everywhere in the house, including chairs, armchairs, mirrors, stools ...

Opting for rattan furniture is to choose a bohemian chic atmosphere with a healthy material for your interiors. It can be integrated in the furniture of all the rooms of your house or just bring a small retro touch in the decoration by adding some accessories. Rattan is undeniably the trendy material of this year! To prevent it from deforming or breaking, it is recommended to clean it with rain water and then let it dry in a place that is not too dry. This will keep the rattan in good condition and well hydrated.

Linen, a soft and elegant material

Known for its comfort and thermoregulation, linen is a natural fiber, innovative and soft to the touch. It brings a real touch of elegance to your bedroom: linen bedspreads, pre-washed linen fitted sheets, linen pillowcases with ruffles... It is also widely used to embellish the living room and the kitchen. Linen, an ancestral material, has become for some time, an essential and an alternative to classic materials such as cotton, hemp or silk.

It keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and is now available in several colors, from the most neutral to the most original. For a chic and more aesthetic style of your linen curtains, take measurements beforehand for a linen meter precise to avoid a rendering too short or conversely too long. Resistant and easy to maintain, linen relaxes after each wash and embellishes over time. A pure decorative wonder!

Linen and rattan, the winning duo

Rattan, inherited from the 50's, has been reviving its moments of glory for some time on the web and private flea markets, and unleashes the creativity of the most inspired designers. Rattan furniture is more colorful, modern and refined, while keeping its old assets: warm, comfortable and resistant. Combined with rattan, a slightly ethnic material with a vintage style and in the air of time, linen creates a welcoming atmosphere, particularly appreciated in the summer.

In addition to being natural textiles, rattan and linen are timeless and can be combined without competing to create a warm and cozy environment in the dining room for example: a wooden table with linen table runners with beveled edges, rattan placemats, and the trick is done!