Why choose blackout linen curtains?

Linen has been making a comeback in recent years. It is true that this natural material is ideal for all those who are looking for "green products". Linen has many advantages and very few disadvantages. It can be used in clothing, sheets or curtains and offers multiple uses such as, for example, blackout curtains.

Linen, a noble material

Linen was very successful until the 19th century. It is true that then the material was very present in Europe. With the arrival of cotton, the cultivation of linen has become scarce, and the material has become noble.

However, it offers many advantages, compared to cotton, which have seduced new users. Linen is above all a very strong material. This quality makes it a preferred option for everyday use. Linen sheets can be used for a very long time. This robustness is due to the large size of its fibers which are several centimeters while the cotton presents fibers whose dimensions are lower than the centimeter.

Ecological fiber par excellence, the linen is resulting from a not very demanding culture. The plant grows in a little more than three months without needing much water or insecticide. It is very resistant to insects and various microorganisms. It remains nevertheless very fragile in front of the climatic hazards (wind) and cannot grow everywhere.

It is a very easy material to work with, which makes it possible to obtain all kinds of effects (crumpled linen, for example).

Linen is also a material thermoregulatory, absorbent and anti-allergic.

Why opt for blackout curtains?

There are obviously several types of curtains to dress your windows. From simple curtains to double curtains, linen can be used for each category.

The blackout curtain, however, has the characteristic of best protect from outside light, but also important temperatures (it acts as a heat shield to lower high temperatures or cold). It is also an excellent way to protect one's privacy in the case of a too important vis-à-vis. It is obviously a good choice to get dark nights in a room.

The blackout curtain can also be an important protection against noise. These soundproof curtains are an optimal choice for those who live in the city.

Finally, the elegance and refinement of the linen curtain, whether blackout or not, is also one of the reasons for choosing these models perfect to bring style to a room.

Blackout curtain and linen, a good combination?

The linen is a material that can be used to make blackout curtains. There are now many models. But before deciding, it may be useful to choose according to its needs.

Linen is an ideal material for creating curtains of any kind. As we have already mentioned, its qualities (thermoregulatory, anti-allergic and antibacterial) make it a great ally to protect himself at best and without risk.

The linen curtain was first reserved for curtains and then has been modernized to become both double curtains and blackout models. Again, these are its insulating qualities that have made a major ally. Then designers have continued their work and today, we find more than just simple models, but also blackout curtains washed linen that offer a style more bohemian chic.

Whatever his desire, it is now possible to find the linen curtain of his choice.

A complete collection

Depending on the decorative style of your home, you will easily find the perfect linen blackout curtain. Find our collection of linen curtains blackout to dress your rooms with elegance.

You must first choose the right dimensions for an ideal effect. Width and height must indeed be perfectly adapted to your windows. Even if the wave of a double curtain or a blackout model is less important than for a curtain (it is indeed not drawn all day), the fact that it occupies the entire surface is essential for it to protect the best, the evening. You should therefore choose a curtain with a width of one and a half times that of your window, at least. You will get a beautiful visual effect, but also optimal protection. If you want an even cozier effect, a width of twice that of your window will be perfect.

As for the height, you have a choice. An adjusted height (the curtain stops at one centimeter from the ground) is less recommended for a blackout curtain because the cold or light can pass through this gap. The protection will be less good. Better to opt for a model with a breakable effect that touches the ground. You can enjoy a more complete screen and a more elegant and decorative effect.

What colors of linen curtains to choose?

It is now time to choose the ideal model that will enhance your room. For this, we offer a choice of 16 colors available.

It is important above all that the chosen color is in harmony with the decorative style of your room. To avoid errors of taste, it is better that your curtains harmonize with the walls that frame them.

If you want to expand the space visually, prefer a light color. Thus a blackout curtain in natural linen (or beige) will easily fit into a space that is modern or more classic. The optical white or ivory can also be very well suited, but it gets dirty faster.

The midnight blue is a color that suits very well to a room. But beware, however, it can shrink the room a bit as its tone is somewhat dark.

If your room is low ceiling, prefer a curtain with vertical stripes. For more elegance, opt for fine stripes, either in tone on tone, particularly elegant and discreet, or with contrasting stripes more original. However, avoid stripes that are too wide, which can be very inelegant in a small room. If, on the other hand, your room has a very high ceiling and you want to reduce this verticality a little, horizontal stripes should be chosen.

For a Zen atmosphere, natural colors are ideal.

You have opted for a monochrome atmosphere? Why not offset your decoration with a contrasting curtain? A white room will be enhanced by a beautiful vibrant mustard yellow or burgundy very refined. If you have doubts, you can use our color chart. You won't make any mistakes.

Warm colors (brick, coral or old pink) are ideal to create a more intimate atmosphere.

When it comes to choosing the blackout liner, you can't choose just any shade, the single, unpatterned shade that is highly recommended is white. This lining is made of a technically woven polyester material that provides an excellent shield against radiation and is a great heat reflector on hot days.