What linen tablecloth depending on the occasion?

You like to entertain and always make sure that your guests feel at home. You seize, every opportunity to lay a beautiful table and are looking for new, original ideas. How to pick the right tablecloth based on the shape of your table? What linen tablecloth depending on the occasion? Check out some of our suggestions.

Picking the right tablecloth based on the shape of your table

First of all, you need to take into consideration the shape of your table and the number of guests. Also keep in mind the final result and the atmosphere you want to achieve for a friendly dining experience.

Recommended tablecloth for a round table

If you have a round table, measure the tabletop diameter. Add a few inches for the fall on each side (between 7 and 20 inches). For a round table, we recommend 12 inches for 10 guests and 18 inches for 8 guests.

Recommended tablecloth for a rectangular or square table

Measure the length and width of the rectangular tabletop. For rectangular or square tables, we recommend to add 12 inches on each side for a lovely hanging effect. Make sure to take the table extension leaf into account if you have one.  Note: a general guideline is to allow for around 23.5 inches for every person at your table.

Whatever the shape of your table, make sure to add a few inches should you need a hem. Now you know how to pick a tablecloth depending on the shape of your table. Let us now see which model to choose for different occasions.

Different occasions, different tablecloths

For special occasions such as impromptu dinners, you really want to create a beautiful table setting. For you, it is the key to a pleasant meal.  You have a keen eye for detail and are always looking for ways to surprise your guests. Below are some suggestions for important events in your life.

The right tablecloth for a wedding

You are soon to be married and getting ready for the big day? For this unique occasion, choose a linen tablecloth. Softer to the touch, linen will create a sophisticated atmosphere. As for colour, white will match up any decoration, which is why the husband and wife to be usually choose it.  You can combine it with brighter colours to pep it up, or go for a smarter touch with taupe-grey or pastel tones. Just imagine your wedding cake proudly displayed on a beautiful white linen tablecloth!

The right tablecloth for a birthday

You are about to organise a birthday with your family or friends? How would you like to surprise everyone with the shape of your tablecloth? After all, why use a round tablecloth on a round table or a square one on a square table? Express your creative side using a square tablecloth on a round table, for instance. For an even bigger surprise, cover a rectangular table with a colourful square tablecloth for a fun party!

The right tablecloth for Christmas

It is the same story every year – you never know which tablecloth to choose for Christmas. And yet it is a crucial component of a successful table setting and should be selected carefully. It might help you to give some thought to the type of decoration you intend to use. Ask yourself if you want to use your table linen throughout the year or just for Christmas. You can go for a rustic linen tablecloth with mitered corners, as it will add style and elegance to your table while creating a warm atmosphere. Choose white with printed or gold tableware, or a more unconventional shade with plain white crockery. You can also add a table runner or LED garland.

The right tablecloth for an impromptu dinner

Some friends dropped by early evening. You were happy to see them and you lost track of time. You invite them to stay for dinner. An impromptu meal does not mean a slapdash decoration. While they finish their drink, you bustle about setting a beautiful table and preparing tasty dishes. Take out your washed linen flounced tablecloth. It will give a classy touch to this casual moment. In the summer, linen is perfect for a meal on the terrace.

Whatever the occasion, flowers and/or plants will complement your decoration perfectly, regardless of the colours you chose. You can use a pretty bouquet as a centrepiece or add a green touch to the plates or candlesticks. The main thing is to treat yourself!