Which linen tablecloth for which occasion?

You love to entertain and always make your guests feel good. At home, every occasion is good to set a beautiful table. You are looking for new ideas to play the card of originality. How to choose the right linen tablecloth according to the shape of your table? Which linen tablecloth to choose for which occasions? Discover our advice.

Which tablecloth according to the shape of your table?

First of all, take into account the shape of your table and the number of guests. Also think about the overall look you want to give and the atmosphere you imagine for this moment full of conviviality.

Which tablecloth for a round table?

You have a round table? Measure the diameter of the tabletop. Then add centimeters for the drop on each side (between 20 and 50 cm). For a round table, we advise you to leave 30 cm of drop for 10 people and 45 cm for 8 people.

Which tablecloth for a rectangular or square table?

Measure the length and width of your rectangular table top. For a rectangular or square table, we recommend adding 30 cm on each side to get a nice drop effect. Don't forget to take into account the extension leaves if you have them. You should also know that 60 cm per place setting is considered comfortable for eating. Whatever the shape of your table, remember to add a few centimeters in the case of a hem.
You now know how to choose a tablecloth according to the shape of your table. Now let's see which model to choose according to the different occasions of life. Which tablecloth to choose according to the occasions of the year? For the big occasions as for the improvised dinners, you want to set a beautiful table. According to you, conviviality goes through there. You pay a lot of attention to every detail and look for opportunities to surprise your guests. We have a few suggestions for you for all occasions in life.

Which tablecloth for a wedding?

Are you getting married soon and preparing for the big day? For this great occasion, choosea linen tablecloth. This fabric is so pleasant to the touch and will give a very elegant atmosphere to your wedding. In terms of color, white will harmonize with all possible decorations. It is very often the choice of the future bride and groom. You can mix it with brighter colors to give a touch of pep, or opt for a more chic atmosphere with taupe or pastel colors. Can you imagine your beautiful cake set on a beautiful white linen tablecloth?

Which tablecloth for a birthday party?

Are you planning a birthday party with family or friends? What if you surprise everyone with the shape of your tablecloth? After all, why use a round tablecloth for a round table or a square tablecloth for a square table? Let your imagination run wild! You can opt for a square tablecloth on a round table. Surprise your guests even more with a square tablecloth on a rectangular table, with lots of colors for this festive moment!

Which tablecloth for the holidays?

Every year, it's the same thing. You never know which tablecloth to choose for Christmas. However, it is a central element of a successful table decoration. It should not be chosen at random. To help you, think about the decoration you want and the tableware you will use. Ask yourself if you want to use your table linens for the rest of the year or if you only want to use them during the holidays. You can opt for a rustic linen tablecloth with beveled corners. It will ensure style and elegance to your table, in a warm atmosphere. Choose white with patterned and/or gold tableware or choose a more original color with simple white tableware. Also consider a table runner or LED garland.

Which tablecloth for an improvised meal?

Some friends came to see you at the end of the day. You are happy to meet again and did not see the hour pass. You suggest they stay for dinner. An impromptu meal does not mean sloppy decorating. While they are finishing their drinks, you are busy preparing a beautiful table and good food. Get out your pure washed linen ruffled tablecloth. It will give a chic ambiance to this informal moment. In the summer, linen is the perfect choice for a meal on your patio.
Whatever the occasion, consider playing the flowers and/or plants card. They'll complement your décor beautifully, no matter what colors you choose. Place a pretty bouquet in the center of the table or add a touch of greenery to the plates or candle holders. The most important thing is to please yourself