Transform your room into a haven of peace

In today's ultra-connected world, our lifestyles are becoming increasingly fast-paced and it is becoming difficult to take time to rest. The quality of sleep is therefore a crucial issue today, which is unfortunately lacking for many of us. It is therefore important to apply some simple but essential advice in order to preserve yourself and to allow yourself truly effective recovery time. To do this, working on the layout and decoration of your room to make it a haven of peace is an excellent starting point: a clean space, soothing colors, healthy materials and soft light... So many tips to ensure peaceful and restful nights, that we deliver here.

Avoid overloading your space

It may seem obvious, but the amount of clutter in a room can affect the stress level of the person occupying it. In order to sleep peacefully, make sure your room is easy to store, so opt for small, enclosed storage cabinets to avoid all the stuff that sticks out or catches the eye. In the same way, try to choose furniture with simple, functional shapes, in order to purify your layout as much as possible.

Choose sedative colors

To rest the mind, it is better to avoid colors that are too bright: we will therefore avoid large areas of warm colors such as yellow, orange or red on the walls, and we will rather go towards cold colors called sedative, which promote sleep, such as blue, purple or green. For a soothing side and a neutral and zen decoration, we will choose rather among the clear, soft colors like the pastel tones, and muted, these colors added with black pigments which do not reflect the light.

The importance of healthy materials

Ensuring a good quality of sleep also means keeping a healthy room, allowing a good general life hygiene. And for this, the quality of the materials used, both in the furniture and in the decoration, is essential. Authentic materials are preferred to synthetic ones, such as wood for furniture, and natural fibers for textiles: a set of linen sheets, for example, will be of the most beautiful effect and of an unequalled comfort for serene nights.

Light and dressing of openings

Beyond the bed linen, the covering of the openings is also a key element to spend good nights. Depending on whether you need complete darkness or, on the contrary, to keep natural light to fall asleep, you will choose betweenthick opaque curtains and simple white curtains. The amount of light is also important, depending on the atmosphere you want to give to the room: we generally prefer subdued and punctual lights, to the more powerful ceiling lights and made for functional lighting.

Parsimony in the decoration

Finally, always with the aim of not overloading your mind, respect a certain parsimony in your decoration. For example, avoid covering each wall with posters and other photos, in order to focus your attention on the soothing colors of the walls. It is also recommended to opt for some green plants, which have the advantage of purifying the air of the room and bringing a certain serenity, similar to the one you feel when you are in a natural setting. Be careful, however, to provide them with enough light so that they can grow properly. You now know everything about the tricks that will allow you to transform your room into a true haven of peace. Now it's up to you to find the atmosphere that suits you and soothes your mind, to ensure a truly restful sleep!