Fabric by the meter: creative ideas

Noble and easy to work with, the linen canvas by the meter allows you to create numerous creations to sublimate your interior decoration. The natural tones of linen evoke elegance and sobriety creating immediately an atmosphere of comfort and refinement. The incomparable quality of the 100% French linen fabric plays an essential role in this exceptional scenario that unfolds in your contemplative eyes. And what can we say about the sensation experienced when you touch it? The lightness and fineness of the weave of natural linen or the fantasy and softness of linen washed by the meter are your muses to explore several styles. From the living room to the bathroom, here are some ideas for furniture and linen creations for DIY enthusiasts, beginners or more expert.

In the comfort of a cozy living room with neutral tones

It's hard not to think of linen without thinking of the evanescence of natural linen curtains flying in a light breeze or caressing the floor of your living room. With knots for a theatrical effect, with ruffles for a romantic atmosphere or two-tone, it's up to you. Go for the neutral tone-on-tone to compliment your existing interior design. A linen sofa cover is also a great way to create a refined look. Your cushions can also be dressed in washed linen with an embroidered inscription on the front. The must-have for a modern living room is the easy-to-make Koushi style hanging lamp. If you have only one living room, you can separate the living room from the dining room with linen sliding panels. This way, you can create a fabric partition that matches your interior. Don't worry, you don't have to decorate entirely in linen. You can just add small touches here and there.

Make your country dreams come true in a rustic room

Linen's chic appeal and organic composition make it an ideal material for creating a rustic feel in the bedroom. The large size of linen fabric by the yard is ideal for creating complete bed sets. For an original comforter cover, you can for example assemble two linen fabrics of different colors to make it reversible. Falling asleep in a pair of linen sheets is a luxury within reach because the fabric is so easy to cut and sew. Match your linen pillowcases to the set and you're done. An item that is coming back in fashion is the bedspread. Once again, linen by the metre lends itself easily to the exercise. Let your imagination run wild to decorate the opening and closing corners. Here again, it's all a matter of taste.

Linen, the trendy touch for your bathroom

Both timeless and so chic, your shower curtain made with your linen fabric by the meter is enough to give the decorative touch for your bathroom. Linen in the shower? Perfectly, and it's trendy to boot. The natural characteristics of the linen fabric are suitable for the humidity of the room. And why not go for a Scandinavian style? You can cover the wooden openwork furniture in your bathroom with natural linen. In addition to the satisfaction of creating yourself, linen by the meter offers you multiple opportunities to create works of various inspirations and styles. One thing is for sure, no matter what style you choose, linen is a fashionable and chic addition to your decorating scheme, with the added satisfaction of doing it yourself.