DIY trend: embroidery

Who would have thought that embroidery, which seems to have come straight out of our grandmothers' time, would make a comeback in our wardrobes? It is however the case at the beginning of this year! And more than a simple fashion, it is coming back in force as a creative leisure activity, giving pride of place to Do It Yourself (DIY) and personalization. So don't wait any longer, get your needles!

Embroidery made in 2021: DIY in the spotlight

If the trend is making its way to the international scene, it's mainly because even the stars are making it their own. Indeed, embroidery in 2021 is first and foremost a handmade skill. Also, when you make an embroidery, you want to show it, to expose it as a work of art, which explains why photos of DIY embroidery are now legion on networks like Instagram. Everyone has their own little model, from the simplest to the most complex, and gaining know-how first inspires respect, before inspiring anything else. And since in addition to being claimed by celebrities, it is now very easy to get any fabric by the meter, the embroidery of 2021 becomes a hobby accessible to all and that everyone can try without having to blush. And let's not forget that DIY is also in the spotlight for its ecological side: we replace the consumption of ready-made products by homemade ones to reduce our impact on the planet. This way, in addition to doing something for the environment, you personalize your wardrobe.

Personalization and authenticity

Indeed, all the interest of making your own embroidery lies in the fact that you can embroider whatever you want! A sentence, or just a word or initials, an abstract motif or the representation of an object, a plant, an animal, even a portrait... Everyone is free to embroider whatever they want to decorate the garment that inspires them. And not only clothes: embroidery also invites itself in our interiors through our elements of decoration and our household linen! Cushion, comforter cover, curtain... Absolutely all textiles can be customized to make your home truly unique. And to meet this need for authenticity, we will tend to seek quality raw materials. Thus, noble and natural textiles such as linen or hemp will be very appreciated: an embroidery on linen will only highlight the quality of the fabric, while the linen itself will highlight the home-made creation. Again, it is easy to find all kinds of fabric today, and even very good quality fibers: why not work on embroidery on a nice linen washed by the meter to make a personalized bed linen set, as original as comfortable, but also durable over time and respectful of nature? The perfect combo!

The fashion trend: origami embroidery

If personalization is in the spotlight with 2021-style embroidery, there is a recurring trend in the most used models: origami. What's the connection? The embroidery, rather flat, has nothing to do with the volumes of paper folded according to this Japanese art! In fact, it is rather in the forms that it happens. Like the games of our childhood where connecting stitches would make a drawing appear, here it is a matter of reproducing the shapes of existing elements but in a hyper simplified way. The final drawing will then look like an assembly of simple geometric shapes, recalling the art of folding and the shapes it reveals. These do-it-yourself creations are accessible to all, without the need for a particular level. So no more excuses, everyone can do it!