2020 decorating trend: the mix of materials around white

You want to renew your bed linen? You would like to have more light in your bedroom, but you don't know how to do it? Do you have a guest room and want to give it a seaside feel? Discover the elegance and simplicity of white, a timeless and very refined color that seduces both alone and with others.

White makes a comeback

We never get tired of white. This immaculate color does not assault the eye and brings a soft and soothing atmosphere to a room, whether it is a bedroom, living room, dining room or even kitchen. White enlarges spaces and breaks up overly symmetrical lines to create a cozy and very welcoming space. Sometimes considered too cold, it warms up when accompanied by another color or when used with different materials. White also symbolizes purity, cleanliness and neatness, concepts that are always appreciated in a home. The brightness and shine of white also enhances the more colorful elements next to it. Put a pretty raw wood shelf against a white wall and it will be noticed immediately! It's a spring and summer color, synonymous with open spaces and sunshine, but it also works well with the winter season. White curtains, which gently let the sun's rays through, will transform a room that is too dark by giving it a new glow. White is also very popular in clothing, and great designers like to make it an iconic color in their collections. How about a white linen shirt? The pristine white will enhance this light material that you can wear both casually at home and for a dressy evening. White bedding will also make a splash in a bedroom: it invites relaxation and soothing, guaranteeing a cloudless sleep.

A mix of materials bursting with whiteness

Dare to mix materials to enhance your white bedding and linens. A white linen comforter cover with a white pillowcase will match perfectly with a soft and delicate wool bedspread. All woven materials, made from natural fibers such as linen and cotton, or prepared from sheep's wool, are not only particularly pleasant when in contact with the skin, but when combined form a most harmonious result. Hypoallergenic, linen, wool and cotton will quickly envelop you in an aura of well-being. Lay your head gently on your white pillowcase and let yourself slip into dreamland, snuggled under a white linen comforter cover or an immaculate wool blanket. These airy materials allow air to circulate around your skin while you sleep, keeping you comfortably warm. Customize your decor by mixing the materials you love, while staying within a range of whites, so that a light atmosphere continues to float through your home. Creamy white, milky white, dirty white, immaculate white, touch and feel the different textiles: make your choice according to your taste. Keeping a dominance of linen is ideal if you want to keep a natural and bohemian spirit in your rooms. You can add a small candle in your living room: the color of the wax will remind the color of your decoration and a soft soothing smell will float in all your rooms.