2020 decorating trend: blue

Timeless and timeless color, always so elegant whether in clothing or in linens, blue is making a comeback in recent years, with shades ranging from ice blue to very dark blue, throughindigo. Discover how the color blue is renewed in this year 2020, while positioning itself at the forefront of decorating trends.

A rich shade of blue

The color blue soothes, exudes serenity and confidence. It comes in an infinite variety of hues, reminiscent of the sky, the sea on a sunny summer day or a stormy night. Clear as water, blue symbolizes sincerity and truth. At Linenshed, we understand the richness of this horizon-spanning hue and use it in a variety of Pantone colors. Discover the great elegance of glacier blue: this very light blue color is like pure white with a slight blue tint. It comes out wonderfully associated with the softness of linen and the multiple washes do not make it lose its delicate shades. Linen even has the ability to soften over time, making the ice blue even softer. We also offer various textiles cut from indigo blue linen. This is one of the oldest blues: once made from the dyer's woad, a strikingly yellow flower, it came in a paste form called aragnat before being turned into a dye for textiles.Indigo is sometimes considered the seventh color of the rainbow. It is therefore a hue with a long history that can enhance your outfits. Both relaxing and refined, it is very popular on bedding. Pure indigo is still relatively dark, so don't forget to lighten the room by matching it with ice blue, for example. As for French blue, both zen and soothing, it adorns some of our curtains and bed linens. More or less clear, it oscillates between indigo and ice blue.

How to mix blues to create a pretty decor?

Imbue your bedroom with an aura of freshness by opting for a linen comforter cover in ice blue. You'll give your room a seaside feel: close your eyes, you can almost feel the sea spray and a light breeze caresses your face. Matched with blue curtains as well, it will form a really soft and soothing atmosphere, conducive to a deep sleep. You can also opt for a blue comforter cover, combined with white or beige sheets. A mix of these natural colors will create a very harmonious blend that will seduce your guests. And why not paint a wall in your bedroom or living room blue? Limit yourself to one wall so as not to darken the room. This will add a touch of elegance and originality to your home, while creating a friendly atmosphere. Add blue curtains, plain or patterned, to complete this refined decor, as well as a few elements of raw wood or driftwood: elegance is mostly found in simplicity. By choosing blue bed linens, you are sure to be a hit. Blue is the favorite color of the French and has a strong symbolic value. It is not an offensive color. However, be careful not to overload your decoration by putting too much blue. You might get tired of it! It's a color that will match perfectly with touches of beige and brown.