2020 trend: nude colors

Synonymous with softness and soothing, nude colors have been a real success in terms of decoration for several years. They sublimate the interiors of individuals as well as the offices of professionals and they know how to impregnate the rooms with a zen and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you opt for nude in small touches or whether you play with a range of natural colors to enhance your decor, discover how to combine nude colors.

A successful alliance between linen and nude colors

Nude enhances everything that is natural. The term nude evokes simplicity without finery or makeup, naked. It is authenticity in its purest form. That's why linen goes so well with nude and soft colors. This fabric is made from 100% natural fibers and grown in France. Our country is one of the largest exporters of linen in the world.

The natural color of linen once woven comes in several shades: from light brown to cream, through pinkish beige. These very soft and soothing colors are very similar to nude shades, variations of beige and pale pink. Linen harmonizes perfectly with nude and allows the creation of zen and relaxed atmospheres, which mix simplicity and authenticity. This combination of colors and materials is particularly appropriate for the bedroom, a room that should promote calm and tranquility. You can opt for a pale pink linen comforter cover, matched with a beige linen pillowcase. This nude-colored bedding will allow you to enjoy both the softness and lightness of linen as well as the most relaxing cameo of colors.

Linen textiles have the property of becoming softer and softer with each wash. You can clean your linen bedding in nude color in the washing machine, on a program at 60 ° C, without fear of discoloration of these natural fibers. To dry, prefer to air dry, but do not expose your fitted sheet or pillowcase to direct sunlight: they could turn yellow and lose the freshness of their nude color. On the other hand, linen is a very wrinkle-prone material, so iron your bedding well after each wash.

How to combine nude colors?

Whether you choose to use nude colors in the living room or the bedroom, it is important to match them so that they stand out perfectly. You can choose to have just a few small touches of nude, on flower pots for example, or on frames, or paint an entire wall in beige or pale pink. In either case, nude tones work well with white, as well as with brighter colors that make them stand out. For example, if you choose long linen curtains in beige, your decor will be just as successful if you match them with bright red tiebacks or a more creamy pink rug.

Nude represents simplicity and naturalness, but it is also synonymous with refinement and elegance. If you feel like wearing nude linen, try an accessory in a slightly brighter color, such as a water green belt or a bright red handbag, for the perfect balance of shades. Nude is an authentic hue that will enhance your outfit in any circumstance, whether you're heading to work or to a dressier party.