2020 trend: scandicraft

Still as trendy as ever, Scandinavian is gradually evolving and now enhances interiors by incorporating more patterns and natural materials. Its pure inspiration is enriched with green plants, wicker, fabrics made from natural fibers, such as linen. Perfectly ethical and eco-responsible, the scandicraft style gives free rein to the imagination. Whether it's furniture, decorative objects or upholstery, let yourself be seduced by this authentic and natural inspiration that will bring a touch of greenery and freshness to your home.

The place of linen in the scandicraft style

With its all-natural origin, linen is the perfect textile to complete your scandicraft decor. You can buy fabric by the meter, to make linen curtains and linen bedspreads in the same or a different color. Why not also consider making a cover for your sofa or simply a linen throw? Take advantage of the color variations of linen, more or less light, or slightly tinted with spring colors, to sew cushions that will bring a little touch of color in the room. Buying by the meter, you will benefit from a large width of linen, which will allow you to make your furnishing textiles in one go, without seams that could spoil the overall vision.

The term that could best define the scandicraft trend is authenticity. And it's a term that fits perfectly with linen, since this light and airy fabric is 100% made in France. France is the world's largest producer of linen. This hypoallergenic textile is obtained by maceration of linen fibers. These are then crushed and combed to obtain the raw-colored fabric.

You can also use linen in your kitchen linens: a pretty natural-colored tablecloth and napkins in the same shade will distill a relaxing atmosphere during your family meals. Beware, it is a material that wrinkles very easily. You will need to iron your tablecloth before each use to remove any wrinkles. To clean your linen textiles, whether they are tablecloths, towels, curtains or even cushion and sofa covers, put them in the washing machine on a 60°C program. Do not use any bleaching agent that could make them yellow! You can then air dry them, but do not expose them to direct sunlight, or use the tumble dryer. Be careful never to wring out your linen fabrics, as you will break the fibers.

Some ideas to adopt the scandicraft style in your home

Personalize your home by opting for the scandicraft style. You can customize it with items brought back from your travels abroad, such as handcrafted paintings, decorations made by locals or even traditional textiles. It's ideal to stay in the home-made spirit and simplicity! Adorn your shelves with wooden dishes, which will decorate and which you can also use. Wicker also has a place of choice within a scandicraft style. Opt for chairs with wicker seats and matching hanging lamps that will diffuse soft, natural light into the room.

On the living room side, you can use a tree stump as a coffee table. Scandicraft also dusts off cane and modernizes it by associating it with Scandinavian furniture: as a chest of drawers door or as a small basket, this type of weaving whose color is close to that of linen plays on the luminosity. A sea rush to adorn the floor, a few baskets of different sizes to serve as both storage and decoration, pampas herbs for even more lightness ... the scandicraft opens many horizons in terms of decoration, but always turned to the authentic and natural.