Powder pink and blush..softness for your interior

The end of summer is already here, as well as the beginning of the new school year... And here comes autumn already.

Don't give in to the gloom and make your home a cozy little cocoon where it will be nice to rest when the first leaves fall. Your interior has never been as important as it is during this period. And it is important to arrange it with care.

Even if they are rather trendy 2018 shades, the declinations of powdered pink pulling towards terracotta, oranges or even browns are colors bringing softness to your bedroom or living room. They will be perfect when this new season arrives. They will remind you of pretty summer moments and will fight the gloom by bringing touches of warmth. How do you do it? Follow the guide!

Powder pink in the bedroom

This color is a perfect match for linen. Combining this natural material with this shade is sure to be a success. Whether it is for your sheets in powder pink linen, or just with a pink linen bedspread, do not hesitate the trend of mix n' match, in order not to fall into the cliché of a totally pink room. Linen, because of its many advantages will be the ideal material for your bed linen. Its natural crumpled effect will bring to your room a touch inviting to travel and dreaming. And above all, linen is exceptionally easy to care for. No need to iron, it goes very well in the dryer. With each wash, it will become even softer and softer. This will bring you beautiful nights all enchanting.

In terms of colors, do not hesitate to mix different colors. Powder pink comes in many shades, but this one also blends with many others. Mix pinks and beiges or grays for your linen bedding, by mismatching sheets or pillowcases in colors but also shapes ... (pillowcases with ruffles, pillowcases without ruffles ...). Also alternate the curtains in the colors to bring a little more pep's ... The goal and the trend is to mix 2 to 3 colors to get out of the all plain. This suits perfectly the shabby chic style but also bohemian.

It should be noted that these colors are perfect for an adult room, but also for a child's room. The softness of this shade will perfectly match the universe and the softness of the room of a little one.

Powder pink in your living rooms.

As for the bedroom, powder pink is easily adapted to the living room. If you opt for linen, whether for your curtains or your cushion covers, it will blend perfectly with other natural materials. If you have some rattan elements for example (completely trendy this year, follow the guide here) but also if you have ceramic elements in your decoration. Mix and match materials... Combine linen and cotton to bring more rhythm and warmth to your main room. It is also to be creative by making some elements by yourselves thanks to the large width linen. A little bit of sewing, a few tricks, one or more pretty buttons and you'll have a very personal and original cushion cover.

As for your dining room, this one is not in rest. Opt for a powder pink linen tablecloth that you combine with a few napkins in the natural tones of linen, a matching table runner, and you bring a natural sophistication for the moments of conviviality around a table.

You have all the cards in hand to see life in pink (powdered)!