What curtains to choose for the living room?

Moving or redoing your living room? It's the perfect time to buy new curtains! But how to choose them? Dimensions, material, color and pattern, all our tips for choosing your curtains of the living room.

The curtains, a centerpiece of your interior

The curtain has a practical function, but also decorative. A room without curtains resonates, deprives its occupants of privacy and can prevent certain activities, such as watching TV or simply eating without embarrassment, if the exposure to the sun is too important. Bare" patio doors are also not very aesthetic and give a very cold atmosphere to the room. Nothing is more unpleasant than not having curtains! A move or a change of decoration is the ideal opportunity to invest in new curtains. But how to choose them?

3 essential things to keep in mind when you want to change curtains

1) Calculate the ideal size of curtains for your windows

Nothing less aesthetic than curtains too short. Or a contrario curtains too long, both for maintenance and for the rendering.

2) Know what degree of opacity you want

The curtains of a living room as the living room does not require as much opacity as a bedroom. They must offer a certain clarity to the room while providing the comfort necessary to feel at home. In this sense, linen is perfect for the living room. Not too thick to keep a brightness throughout the day while not being transparent. In addition, this fabric gives a unique cachet to the living room.

3) Match the curtains to the style of the living room

The curtains are not just functional. They are a decorative element in their own right. Their color, material and pattern must match your furniture and your walls. How to avoid errors of taste and weariness? Buy curtains of solid color! You'll avoid regretting and missing out on great decorating elements for fear of making your living room too busy. Plain does not mean systematically sober ... Our ideas for curtains plain, but decorative:

  • Colorful curtains
  • Bows or ruffles to add an original touch
  • A border to break the monotony
  • Linen to bring chic to the room

Finally, do not forget to opt for quality. Investing in high-end curtains can ultimately save money and enjoy a luxurious interior design.

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