What are the feng shui colors? Design your interior according to them!

What are the feng shui colors? Design your home according to them!
What are the colors for a bedroom and for the living room? Are there any negative effects of using too much color in a room? And the advantages of colored linens!

The principle of feng shui

Feng shui is an ancestral art of living of Chinese origin. The principle is that a place has an energy. The way it is arranged can influence the well-being of its inhabitants. It is a bit like "home acupuncture"! The idea is that Yin and Yang are complementary opposites. A room must have both energies to be in harmony. Colors are one of the key elements to modify to enjoy a feng shui room.

Colors for the bedroom

What are the colors to be favored to benefit from a feng shui environment in the bedroom? Yin should be preferred for this room. Pastel tones, pale colors and cool colors will work well. They are associated with peaceful, creative and intuitive emotions.
Dark blue, blue-green and turquoise bring tranquility and fullness. Surprisingly, black or brown are beneficial for the bedroom! They represent depth, intimacy, rootedness, contemplation, but be careful not to have too much of them. Gray or white are neutral colors, but must be accompanied by touches of color. At the risk of causing feelings of emptiness, abandonment, isolation or doubt.

Colors for the living room

The living room is a living room where many people spend time and various activities take place. Red or orange colors will bring dynamism and strength to the environment, orange brings good communication and pleasure, and pink brings heart and conciliatory mood. What could be better for a room where we spend time with family and friends?

The negative effects of too much color

If the positive characteristics of each color are to be retained, each color also has negative effects. Indeed, used in excess, colors reveal their dark side. For example, too much gray will bring doubt or boredom and too much dark color can lead to a withdrawal. The negative effect of red is well known, it provides, in excess, too much excitement.

Opt for linens instead of colored paint!

Paint a room a certain color? It's a good idea, but consider painting only certain walls in order to avoid the negative side of the color and fill the room with Ying and Yang. Another option to take full advantage of the benefits of color on our mood and health is to choose colorful linens! You don't need to repaint the room, but you do need to buy new curtains, a trendy tablecloth , or a high quality comforter cover and sheets. They will bring the benefits of color you need right now in your life and in every room!

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