What is the best way to attach your linen curtain?

Linen is a 100% natural fiber, timeless and recognized for its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties. It is a noble fabric and ideal for your interior design projects. The linen curtains gracefully dress all types of interiors by its warm and light style. There is nothing less aesthetic than having curtains too short or a contrario too long. To avoid any mistakes, order a custom-made curtain to choose the model you want to the right size: crumpled linen curtain, ruffled curtain, double curtain, light curtain or blackout. There is for all tastes and all your desires. From classic style to the most original, with solid colors or two-tone, your 100% linen curtains, washed linen to pure linen will fit perfectly with your decor.

How to choose the right size of a linen curtain?

To get an aesthetic curtain size that is suitable for your needs, first measure the length of the rod. The more the rod protrudes from the window, the easier it will be to open. If the rod is placed between two walls, the distance between them should ideally exceed 20 to 30 cm on each side of the window. The width of the curtains should be 1.5 to 2.0 times the length of the rod or even up to 2.5 times its length if it is a light fabric or a curtain.

The more the curtain will be in height, the more it will have a pronounced fold for a head with curtain braid or a rendering set with a wave for a head with eyelets. To not interfere with the opening of the window, the rod should be placed 5 cm above it. Opt for a fall to 1 cm from the ground for a clean and practical. For a more modern and original, choose a curtain with 3 / 5 cm more.

What system of attachment to choose a linen curtain?

Before ordering your curtains, make sure they are compatible with the different rods in each room of your house. Here is the method of hanging with different styles of curtains for each rod:

The Ruched Ribbon Curtain

Refined and sophisticated, the curtain ribbon gathers fit for rails with eyelets in which are placed snail hooks to place every 8-10 cm (not included with the curtain). It can create folds at the request of the customer so that it can pucker the curtain to be half the rod for 1 or 2 curtains. At the customer's request, we can place the gathering tape 1 to 2 cm below the top edge to completely hide the mounting rail.

The curtain with eyelets

Contemporary and refined, the finish of this curtain ensures a wide and regular pucker and a heavy rendering on the ground. The curtain head is assembled with brass rings that slide naturally on the rod. The curtain with eyelets consisting of eyelets with an inner diameter of 40mm is convenient and easy to install because it is ready to install when purchased.

The curtain with hidden legs

Perfect for a modern decoration and ready to install, the curtain with legs, composed of fabric, can be two-tone or two-material. The diameter of the rod must perfectly match what the legs should contain. These can be used on bars up to 40 mm in diameter. However, the sliding is only on fabric, it is less easy than when using the eyelet or tape fastener.

The curtain with knots

By its decorative aspect, the curtain with knots can serve as a door curtain or to separate two rooms. However, it does not slide as well as other types of fasteners and moreover, the customer must make the knots himself. It is nevertheless ideal for a curtain that does not need to be opened or closed frequently.