Which bedding should I choose for babies and children?

Making the right choice of baby bedding is important to increase the quality of their sleep. You will be perfectly satisfied with the softness of the linen fabric. Ideal for not irritating the skin of young children. You will discover all the benefits of this linen through many articles at Linenshed.

Linen fitted sheets: softness for your little ones

Choose the right fitted sheet for your baby linen to give your child a softer night's sleep. This material is perfect for the smallest. The fabric provides excellent comfort and softness. Ideal for peaceful and pleasant nights. Linen also has many virtues. Moisture is absorbed while retaining heat.

You can rest assured when you buy this type of product. Your child's skin will not be irritated. Linen is a 100% natural fiber, so the quality is excellent. As you wash it, the material becomes softer. You won't have any bad surprises over time. Both flexible and resistant, these fitted sheets are very easy to clean. The maintenance of this type of product is very advantageous. No ironing is necessary, the sheet will not shrink when used in an electric dryer. Moreover, no fear for the transfer of colors, no discoloration is possible. These are important advantages for the maintenance of this material. In addition to the quality of the natural fabric, the fitted sheet has a strong and resistant elastic. The height of the cap is from 15 to 46 cm. If necessary, you can opt for deeper cups. It is therefore possible to insert them on all standard mattresses.

Natural and ecological bedding

Opt for environmentally friendly bedding.

There is nothing better than a 100% natural and ecological fabric when you choose your baby's bedding in order to preserve his sensitive skin. This baby sheet does not require the use of any chemical products. Linen is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergic. Perfect and ideal properties to protect at most the smallest during their sleep. If your child's skin is fragile, don't worry, linen is hypoallergenic. Indeed, it does not cause any allergy, nor of irritation of the skin.

The properties of linen also allow to respect perfectly the environment. Durability, freshness and elegance are the key words of this baby bedding. A soothing and relaxing atmosphere will reign in your child's room. It will provide him a quality sleep. One of the advantages of this fabric is the regulation of the temperature. The sheet will provide a feeling of warmth in winter and will guarantee coolness in summer.

Well-being, serenity and comfort

Put your child to sleep peacefully and deeply in the arms of Morpheus on pre-washed linen sheets. Calmness and serenity will invade the cozy nest of the youngest. Good nights of restorative sleep in perspective... Thanks to the linen fiber sheets, the atmosphere will be relaxing, calm and comfortable. Perfect to soothe young children who have difficulty falling asleep or to relax after a busy day.

For maximum comfort, all our linen sheets are made without sewing. This feature is very important. The fabric offers a great ease for an excellent night's sleep. The fragile skin of your child will not be irritated. The virtues of linen fabric are numerous: anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Excellent properties to allow to sleep serenely.

Linen being an ultra absorbent material, the use of this fabric is perfect for the smallest. It is also very resistant to friction. The feeling to the touch is very pleasant. Your children will fall asleep in a soft and ultra comfortable sheet. By covering your mattress with a linen fitted sheet, your child will feel comforted by the softness of this fabric. High quality, be assured of the properties of this fabric. This one being conceived with the best linen fiber of French origin. Breathable, this material is perfectly adapted to a use on a mattress for baby or child.

Thanks to the manufacture in pure linen fiber, the sleep will be inevitably healthy and restful. This fabric is ideally suited to sensitive skin, so it is perfectly suited for the youngest. By opting for this fitted sheet, you acquire a durable and long-lasting bedding. You will not have any bad surprises. This noble fabric will not be damaged by repeated washing. Thanks to its robustness and the quality material, the use of this fitted sheet will be durable in the long term. You will have the assurance of a linen which will not be deformed and which will be of better quality with the wire of washings.

A large choice of fitted sheets to discover

There is a wide range of fitted sheets for baby or toddler mattresses to discover. Many colors and sizes are available. You will be able to harmonize with the decoration of your child's room. For example, choose a mustard colored fitted sheet for the baby's bed if the room is decorated with green, khaki, blue, gray or black tones. Add some pizzazz with this sophisticated color!

There are many other shades to discover. Whether you want to bring in a chic, exotic or safe atmosphere... Choose the color that best suits the mood of the room. All our sheets are Oeko-tex treated, and therefore absolutely free of harmful substances for your child and the environment.

Linens for babies are available at Linenshed in the following 16 colors:

Optic White / Ivory / Old Pink / Mustard / Ice Blue / Natural / Lilac / Lead Grey / Mineral Grey / Green Olive / Brick Red / Coral / Bordeaux / French Blue / Midnight Blue / Black Ink.

Sheets are available in these dimensions:

Take the dimensions of your mattress carefully. Choose the fitted sheet corresponding to the exact dimensions of your mattress. Be sure to take a cup size 6 to 8 cm higher than the size of the mattress thickness. An elastic band is inserted around the edges. You can choose a standard cup size (38cm), but also transmit your own measure. Your fitted sheet will fit your mattress efficiently. You will be satisfied every day, because you will not need to remake the bed every morning. Your child's movements during the night will not make the fitted sheet move. It will stay perfectly in place.