Why we don't sell our linen

No washed linen comforter covers or linens on sale? No "cheap linen" on sale? What do "sales" mean? What business practices are behind this attractive concept? Why Linenshed linen is not on sale and how you can participate in a fairer economy.

What is behind the "sale"?

Sales" date back to the end of the 19th century. This practice began in department stores, such as the famous Bon Marché in Paris, and had the sole purpose of removing unsold products. The stock was then freed up to offer new products each season. But the drifts of the concept, originally healthy, quickly emerged to give birth to harmful and unscrupulous practices.

Fleeting products, constantly on sale

Today, it is increasingly easy to "manage your stock". The data collected and the sales forecasts are more and more refined. So how do some retailers still manage to get so much unsold stock? As crazy as it may sound, some brands produce special collections "for the sales". Products destined to be obsolete as soon as they are released in stores!

Raising prices before promotions

Another practice observed is the inflating of prices just before the promotional periods. Very common and rather profitable, this technique is indeed very attractive. Who has never felt attracted by a product only because it was on sale? Supersales are becoming a real communication model.

Why we don't need to sell out our linen linens

At Linenshed, we produce in the right quantities and sell at the right price products that are meant to last. That's why we never sell out.

Well-managed production

We have no inventory. Our business model is based on orders. You order, we produce.

A fair price all year round

Our linen linens are fairly priced all year round. It has been given a fair price to guarantee an unbeatable production quality and an exact margin, no matter when you buy.

Timeless collections

Our business model is based on strong values. We are for responsible, thoughtful and sustainable consumption. Our collections reflect this. Timeless pieces and colors and, above all, a quality raw material, 100% pure linen, to guarantee long-lasting, top-of-the-range linens at affordable prices.

Discover our collections of bed linen, curtains, table linen, clothing and fabric by the meter made of 100% French linen. Indulge yourself by consuming right!