Why choose a linen shower curtain?

Which shower curtain to choose? Essential to protect the bathroom against splashes and mildew, but also decorative, the shower curtain must be trendy and comfortable.

The fabric shower curtain does not stick!

Nothing more annoying than to feel the shower curtain wet and cold against you when you wash. Choose the material of its shower curtain is therefore essential to fully enjoy this moment of relaxation. Those in plastic or PVC are the cheapest on the market, but will literally stick to your skin. The fabric curtain as for him will offer comfort and unstoppable aesthetic harmony.

Linen is easy to maintain and dries quickly

    One of the advantages of choosing a linen shower curtain is its ease of maintenance. The quality linen is machine washable at 60 °, can go without problem to the dryer and should not be ironed. See our article on themaintenance of linen for more details on the subject. In addition, a linen shower curtain dries extremely fast. It guarantees a dry and healthy bathroom in the long term, which is not negligible. Unlike plastic that tends to mold and yellow at the bottom.

    The fabric shower curtain is trendy!

      Its natural fibers make it a luxurious linen. Not common, the linen shower curtain gives a chic and simple side to your bathroom. It blends with all styles. Choose a natural or colored linen. White, ivory, mineral gray, ice blue and even salmon will bring brightness and purity to the room. Please note that linen lets light through, so don't hesitate to opt for darker colors if the size of the room allows it. Olive, eggplant or brick red are trendy.

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