Wearing linen on your wedding day

Ecological, fresh and easy to wear, linen offers many advantages. With it, you can choose a chic and pleasant outfit, ideal for a summer wedding. Here are some tips on how to wear linen party clothes for the "Big Day".

Opt for a comfortable and resistant linen outfit

Linen is an eco-friendly fabric that has many advantages. Like cotton, linen is thermoregulatory. It keeps you cool in winter and summer. It allows you to spend a pleasant moment, without fear of traces and stains under the arms, for example. It allows you to keep your ideal temperature throughout the day, and even until the end of the night. In addition to being insulating, it is also resistant. It does not fear the strong heat of the summer periods, nor the movements of dance of the one who wears it, nor the numerous displacements of the groom the day, nor the snags. It can also be machine washed without worry: it even softens with each wash. So you can wear your wedding outfit years after your wedding day.

Linen clothing: a plus for a summer wedding

Linen clothing is a real plus for a summer wedding. Lightweight and easy to wear, they allow you to enjoy every moment of this unforgettable day. Opting for a linen pant is to ensure a high quality outfit. Being breathable, linen allows air to pass through and is worn like a second skin. It also has absorbent properties. It is therefore able to capture excess moisture without leaving a trace. You can move as much as you want, even in hot weather, and your wedding garment will remain impeccable. Note that linen's ability to absorb up to 20% of moisture without appearing "wet" is a real advantage for those who want to keep their wedding garments warm. This is a real advantage for those who wish to combine comfort and aesthetics.

A linen wedding outfit for a bohemian style

Adopting a linen tunic on your wedding day means opting for a uniquely stylish wedding. With linen, you can easily mix chic and country looks, for example. Your style inspires casualness and calls for all your guests to enjoy a fun, no-fuss celebration. You show with your linen suit that you are radiant with happiness and that this day is going to be relaxed and festive. This linen outfit will also suit you if you wish to have a bohemian wedding. From the venue to the decoration to the outfit, you can totally adopt an original look. With linen, you send a strong message: you don't care about social conventions and you assume your artistic side.

Combine your linen clothes

The linen garment is very simple to combine. You can, for example, opt for a linen shirt with suit pants or a chino. This look half casual and half elegant will make you the most beautiful man of the day. You also have the option of doing the opposite. A perfectly tailored linen suit bottom to make your outfit modern. You can pair it with a white shirt, a jacket and a pair of lace-up derbies.