Small gift ideas for women

Christmas is approaching, and the most far-sighted of you are probably already racking your brains to find gift ideas that will please the woman in your life. No more jewelry, perfumes and appliances! In this more than special year of 2020, we want to change the way we look at things, to find original ideas that stand out from the crowd, but also that respect certain principles that are becoming more and more important, such as protecting the environment. To please while combining utility, durability and inimitable style, we have your best ally: what if we told you that there is a responsible fabric, entirely French, whose production is ecological and which will last a long time? Yes, you know it... It's linen of course! Clothes, decoration, accessories, it can be found in many forms, but always with special characteristics that make it a unique product. Our ideal gift ideas to melt your beloved wives, daughters, sisters and moms.

Unleash your creativity: linens and home decor

Giving a gift at Christmas is one thing. But giving an original gift that will be remembered for a long time is another! If you're looking to please a creative woman who likes to beautify her home, why not find something to let her imagination run wild? Linen home textiles, whether they are curtains, bedding or toiletries, are the perfect gift to combine quality, originality and charm. In addition to softening with each wash and being very resistant to time, linen has hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. Thus, a linen bedding will be perfect in summer as well as in winter, whether it has sensitive skin, is cold or allergic. Linen also has a great absorption capacity, which makes it an ideal fabric for bathroom linen: imagine the pleasure on her face when she comes to wrap herself in her uniquely soft linen bathrobe after her bath... Natural and ecological, this fabric will also bring a touch of refinement to your home, with its authentic pastel colors and its inimitable touch.

To make her even more beautiful: the indestructible clothes and accessories

When it comes to gift ideas for women, it's hard to miss the world of fashion: classic clothing, shoes and accessories. But here's the good news: linen is also one of the most pleasant fabrics to wear! Its softness, its refinement, but also its solidity make it an ideal material for clothing, especially for those who are tired of having to renew their wardrobe every 6 months, by dint of filling it with poor quality pieces... Don't hesitate to flatter the avant-garde side of your beloved by offering her a unique piece, with an incomparable charm, and which will also allow her to feel responsible and respectful in her status as a consumer From a beautiful blue linen dress, with a fluid and elegant fall, to a classic white shirt, simple, but terribly refined, passing by a beautiful nightgown with a loose fit and bewitching comfort, linen has everything to allow your beloved women to feel beautiful and comfortable at any time. For the most flirtatious, there's nothing like betting on an accessory that's out of the ordinary: how about a pretty thick linen tote bag with leather handles, both soft and strong, trendy and elegant? Perfect to make your friends talk about the merits of this unique fabric that respects nature and human beings.