The linen bathrobe, essential to your interior outfit

For moments at home, after a bath, or right after waking up, the linen bathrobe is the piece of clothing to have. Practical and light, its shape and its material give it an elegance, a cocooning chic spirit terribly effective. Especially these last months when the indoor clothes took the place of our outdoor clothes and where the spirit of relaxation became the key word of our daily clothes.

Kimono wrap, long or short, two-tone or monochrome, at Linenshed you will find your happiness...and everything to match this style!

The linen bathrobe, above all elegance!

Perfectly in line with the Loungewear trend, a trend that has developed in recent months following the confinements, the loungewear has taken precedence over the more restrictive outfits: Bye bye the slims jeans, hello comfort and oversize. This trend is everywhere: social networks, magazines and even in the street now. But be careful, we aim for well-being while not neglecting the style!

A must-have piece for your interior wardrobe, the linen bathrobe will be ideal to accompany you in your moments of relaxation (or teleworking!). Its soft and light material will be perfect to accompany you all day long. From waking up to going to bed, its lines and elegant cut will be the perfect allies of your daily life.

The short linen bathrobe will perfectly match your babydoll, but will also bring structure and elegance to a simple t-shirt-leggings outfit.

Linenshed bathrobes come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit all tastes and styles: from warm to cool shades, knee length to ankle length, with or without a belt, the choice is yours. Don't hesitate any longer!

Linen, the ideal material for this garment!

Do you know the properties of linen? Its thermoregulatory properties make it the ideal fabric for summer but also for winter. Indeed, this 100% natural material keeps warm in winter by preserving heat, and conversely keeps cool in summer to remain a soft caress on the skin. What more could you ask for in a bathrobe?

Another important point, especially if you use your bathrobe after a bath, is that linen dries very quickly. No more bathrobes taking very quickly bad smells due to humidity and difficulties of drying.

It should also be noted that linen is very easy to maintain. 60° for the temperature, directly in the machine, the linen is also compatible with the dryer. Your bathrobe will become softer and more beautiful with each washing and drying. An ease of care that will surprise you.

When it comes to ironing, this step is up to you. You can do the ironing for this piece, but the advantage of linen is that it can also be worn creased for an even more natural effect.

Do not hesitate, the linen bathrobe will be the ideal piece of your cocooning look, whether it is to stay at home in complete relaxation but also the days of telecommuting thanks to the elegance of its lines and its material.