The latest addition to Linenshed: The hair scrunchie!

A must-have accessory of the 90's hairstyles, it is back in force this year in all hair styles: The hair scrunchie. And it is quite naturally that it arrives in the range of Linenshed accessories in 3 different versions to discover. Discover these new arrivals in a linen version, with various finishes and completely different styles to complete your outfits with subtlety and elegance.

The scrunchie, the trendy comeback

You may have known this trendy accessory from the 90's that accompanied all the hair of the young and not so young before falling into oblivion for a few years... Good news, this decade is coming back with a vengeance at the moment and at all levels. It is particularly found in fashion trends: colors, cuts ... Everything is inspired this year of the 90's ... And the return of the scrunchie is not left behind.

Straight or curly hair, thin or thick, the scrunchie accompanies all hairstyles this year. Sometimes in a high ponytail, or in a half-tail, or at the end of a braid, this voluminous attachment is no longer hidden and totally integrates the outfits as anaccessory in its own right. It can also be found around the wrist, worn as a bracelet to bring a touch of color and perhaps a subtle touch of madness to your look.

The scrunchie at Linenshed comes in a set of 3, available in 16 colors with the possibility of selecting different colors in the same set, and especially with 3 different finishes: A version of the simple and delicate linen scrunchie, perfect for any type of hairstyle and any type of hair. Another version of the two-tone scrunchie with a bumblebee finish, very original, and perfect to give rhythm to your hair. And finally a romantic version of the scrunchie with a large removable bow, which will divinely accompany a low ponytail, but also very high buns falsely neglected. It is perfect for all style desires!

The scrunchie won't damage your hair

No more pulling out or drying out your hair with a hair tie that is too aggressive for the hair fiber. The scrunchie is the perfect answer for tying your hair up without damaging it. Tying up your hair with restrictive accessories can bring some inconvenience but also cause irreversible damage to your hair: Brittle hair, fall, split ends as well as some discomfort to the scalp. It is therefore important to use the right accessory to tie up your hair, especially if you do it daily. The scrunchie is ideal for this! Its elastic band entirely covered with fabric will respect your hair fiber, no matter what your choice of hairstyle of the day. The linen will be soft on your hair, and won't cause static electricity to keep your hair looking perfect. It will respect the shine of your hair and especially its health, while serving your hair desires.

An environmentally friendly creation

In addition to being trendy, the scrunchie at Linenshed has an advantage: it is ecological and sustainable. All Linenshed scrunchies are made of linen, a material that is totally respectful of the environment. The amount of water needed to grow it makes it one of the most environmentally friendly textiles compared to other textiles like cotton. During its transformation process, there is no use of chemicals. Moreover, Linenshed scrunchies, just like household linen, have the OEKO-TEX label certifying this non-use. A proven guarantee of quality.

The durability of linen is no longer in question (we have all known a grandmother with old linen sheets in her wardrobe, passed down from generation to generation). Linen lasts over time, a quality that applies to household linen, and will also apply to this everyday accessory. Easy to machine, it will not move and will continue to maintain your hair in delicacy.

High or low ponytail, sleek bun or in an unstyled version, what are you waiting for to give in to the trend? See even for different finishes and colors, while respecting the environment? Find the whole range of Linenshed scrunchies at a small price, perfect for your hair!