Electric bed, the advantages for a quality sleep

Although it is often associated with hospitals or people with reduced mobility, the electric bed is now attracting more and more French people. Indeed, its use is above all the guarantee of a comfort that cannot be matched with a classic bed. But it can also be very useful for people suffering from certain daily pathologies, such as back pain, circulation problems, or even sleep apnea. So, could the electric bed be the solution to regain quality sleep?

An electric bed to relieve certain ailments

The vast majority of people who wish to acquire an electric bed are generally motivated by back pain. Lumbago, sciatica, these aches are unfortunately a common lot nowadays, which poses many problems to succeed in falling asleep and recovering effectively. The electric bed, with its different independently articulated planes, allows you to choose the precise inclination of each part of the body that will relieve the pressure points felt by each person. But that's not all! By giving the possibility to adopt a posture between sitting and lying, the electric bed also becomes a recourse for many respiratory problems: snoring, asthma, sleep apnea, and even the little winter cold that sometimes forces you to keep your mouth open. This position is also ideal to counteract any gastric reflux that prevents you from getting to sleep. Finally, the electric bed can also allow you to raise your legs instead, a solution for people suffering from blood circulation problems, or having sensations of heavy legs.

An electric bed for a better comfort

Beyond its therapeutic aspect, the electric bed is also appreciated by all kinds of people for the comfort it offers on a daily basis. In fact, in addition to reducing the effort required to lie down or get up by proposing to go through intermediate postures, the electric bed also offers a multiplicity of positions that can be adapted to different activities, such as reading, having breakfast in bed or watching television. Furthermore, for those who are sometimes embarrassed by the person sharing their bed or who have specific needs that do not match those of their partner, the electric double bed offers the undeniable advantage of working with two independent slats. Thus, one can raise the legs and the other the torso, and none of the movements of one will disturb the other during the night, ideal for a quality and truly restful sleep.

The electric bed, no defects?

If the electric bed seems to be the perfect solution to all problems, its main disadvantage is its price. The technology behind it is complex and must be of good quality for optimum durability, which is why the difference with the price of a conventional bed is so great. In addition, there are many options that can also influence the price of an electric bed, and which will have to be considered according to your specific needs: wooden or metal structure, slatted or slatted base, number of motors and reclining planes, type of remote control... Another complex element lies in the fact that the choice of the associated accessories will also be specific to your electric bed: thus, you will have to choose a mattress adapted to this type of bedding, but also bed linen for electric bed. However, if the particular dimensions sometimes make them more complicated to find, you should know that you can easily get a high quality fitted sheet for electric bed at Linenshed, linen specialist, which will have the advantage not only to be adapted to its size but also to accompany your nights in a very soft way. From an aesthetic point of view, you can also find in the range proposed by Linenshed, a cover for electric bed adapted to all dimensions. It will bring a fabulous charm to your bedding and to your decoration, according to your tastes: minimalist, romantic, bohemian... The choice is yours!