Linenshed x One Tree Planted

In order to act even more in favor of the environment, the linen textile specialist Linenshed is now installing the One Tree Planted application on its website. A simple, attractive and playful way to make ecological commitment accessible to all, and to reduce its ecological footprint. Explanations.

Flax, an ecological material

By the very nature of its activity, Linenshed is already a company committed to the protection of the environment and biodiversity. Indeed, the production of linen is one of the most respectful of all agricultural sectors, thanks to several elements. In addition to being mostly local, since France alone accounts for three quarters of the world's production, flax cultivation is truly an example of ecological responsibility since it does not require any chemical products: in fact, no pesticides are needed to ensure the growth of the plants, which are more than sufficient in a rainy climate. In addition, its water consumption is incredibly low compared to cotton, the most widely used fiber in the world today for textile production. But that's not all: beyond its cultivation, the transformation of linen into textile fiber does not require any chemical irritant or pollutant, only mechanical work, which gives the finished product a much better quality and durability. Finally, flax also appeals to zero waste enthusiasts because it is one of those crops whose components are exploited, from seed to fiber, and in many areas such as food, paper or thermal insulation.

By participating in the flax industry and working to promote the quality, but also sustainable and responsible aspect of this material, Linenshed is therefore part of the virtuous companies and intends to strengthen its action. This is an opportunity for the brand to make the creation of its linen products, such as bed linen or linen clothes for example.

Going further by participating in reforestation

In order to go even further in its commitment, Linenshed has called upon a pioneer structure in terms of ecological commitment: One Tree Planted. This non-profit organization is specialized in reforestation: it participates in various reforestation projects worldwide, in fragile and precious areas of each continent. Through donation collections, it finances the cultivation, planting and maintenance of millions of trees every year, thus actively participating in the protection of the environment, air quality, water quality, but also the preservation of biodiversity around the world. Founded in 2014 by the American Matt Hill, One Tree Planted works with companies and individuals concerned about their environmental impact, but also with teachers and schools wishing to transmit these values to their students, by offering content with an educational purpose specially created to raise awareness among young audiences. In 2020, the planting of 15 million trees has been financed thanks to this collective effort.

Linenshed has therefore chosen to work with the organization to participate in this challenge, and now offers the One Tree Planted application on its website. The principle is simple: each time you buy online, you will be asked to add one euro to your bill in favor of reforestation. You need to renew your linen bedding ? Or to decorate your windows with linen curtains quality linen curtains? Act for the planet at the same time! Each euro collected will become a tree planted. An effective way to facilitate the transition to action for people whose convictions are already anchored, but also to raise awareness of the public more distant from these issues and to encourage commitment, through a simple and accessible action.

So if you too want to act for the environment by financing the planting of trees, consider using the One Tree Planted application when you place your next order!