Linenshed wishes you for 2021...

It is with hope, optimism, and above all, immense joy that the entire Linenshed team wishes you an excellent year 2021!

After a trying and gloomy year of 2020 for many of us, it is almost a relief to be able to turn the page. We are hungry for a fresh start, for change, for improvement. For many, the health crisis was the starting point for a new awareness, both of ourselves and of the state of the world. There have been professional reconversions, changes of habits, important decisions, always in the direction of a more responsible, more sober and happier life. Flax is thus regaining its credentials in response to growing ecological concerns and we are delighted to offer solutions to a growing population of people concerned about their impact and the future. So, to all of you who participate in the great Linenshed adventure for a fairer textile, we wish you health, joy and all the happiness possible for 2021.

2021, the year of linen?

More and more, the French population is rediscovering the numerous virtues of linen. First of all, from an environmental point of view, since the cultivation of flax is mostly French and does not require any fertilizer or pesticide, which helps preserve the quality of the land. But also for its attributes as a textile, which we have forgotten with the arrival of synthetic fabrics. Indeed, this natural fiber is first of all an excellent insulator: it keeps cool and absorbs humidity in summer, and protects from the cold in winter. It is also a temperature regulator for the body, which avoids irritation and promotes thermal well-being. Soft and supple, but also very resistant, linen improves over time and with each wash, without fluffing or deforming. So take advantage of the new year to renew all your textiles and discover linen! Beautiful linen clothes to combine comfort and elegance, linen bed linen for healthy and pleasant nights, or a beautiful linen tablecloth to gather around a family meal...

Linenshed remains at your disposal

Although the sanitary conditions do not yet allow us to move around as we would like, the activity of the linen producers is still going on. Linenshed continues to create and produce numerous models of clothing, bed linen and other home textiles, in order to meet all your needs. Indeed, in this period where our homes become our living, working, leisure and sport places, it is essential to do everything possible to ensure comfort and serenity in everyday life. It is therefore a particularly opportune moment to bring change, originality, renewal and to take advantage of it to invest in noble, healthy and especially durable materials. Linenshed offers you different high quality collections, from timeless models to the most singular ones, up to a custom-made offer to personalize all your desires. And for the most skilful among you, Linenshed also offers the possibility to order fabric by the meter, in order to make your own beautiful creations. If you have any questions, please visit our website you will find our products, but also all the information about our functioning and our values. Do not hesitate to contact us via our form so that we can study the feasibility of your project, or if you need advice. Hoping that you will continue this adventure with us, we wish you a happy new year, and see you soon at Linenshed!