Lined linen curtains to get you through the winter

Winter is just around the corner and you are looking for curtains that are both nice-looking and efficient against low temperatures and heat loss. You tried several fabrics but you are not convinced. You are quite fond of linen but you don’t know how to reconcile your requirements. Find out about the benefits and various models of lined linen curtains, a winter essential to keep warm and cosy.


Benefits of lined linen curtains in the winter

Curtains are a key-element of your home decoration. Apart from providing protection from the outside and from nosy neighbours, they are highly decorative. They embellish the room, matching the atmosphere you want, usually snug and welcoming, in complete harmony with the room. In the winter, curtains also provide thermal insulation, protecting you against the cold and drafts and reducing heat loss through your windows. It is quite unpleasant to feel the cold air creeping in. The thing is, you don’t want standard thermal curtains, which you often find unattractive and dull. If linen is your thing, you can go for linen curtains with a blackout lining. That way you can get all the benefits of linen. This stylish, hard-wearing natural fabric is fully compatible with a thicker lining that will keep the cold out.


Available lined linen curtain models

If you use a thick fabric, your curtains will hang more elegantly, creating a cosy atmosphere in the room of your choice. Choose carefully to highlight your bedroom or living room. You can choose draped linen curtains with a cotton lining to add charm to your bedroom and ensure privacy at night. You can also decide on a pair of double layer linen curtains with blackout lining, featuring crushed linen and a thick polyester liner to block out any unwanted light and avoid heat loss, fighting the cold with style, whatever the size of your windows. Several dimensions are available, from 63 to 108” high by 55” wide, and you can choose between 2 types of fasteners: slots or shirring tape. As for style, our range includes 14 shades such as optical white, ivory, coral, lead grey, mustard, salmon pink, lilac, etc. Just think of the overall effect, keeping in mind the view from the outside, on your house front.  Also, make sure to take all measurements before your purchase and take into account your furniture to create visual unity in the room.

You are convinced of the benefits of lined linen curtains in the winter and now you know more about the various models available. All you have to do now is choose your favourite colour. You can already picture yourself at home, in your cosy nest, sitting comfortably on your couch with a nice cup of tea and a book, looking appreciatively at your beautiful lined linen curtains. A great way to enjoy the winter season.