Trendy bed linen sets

What are the latest trends in bedding? What material to choose for a comforter cover? Plain or patterned? What colors are in vogue? Tips for choosing a bedding set that will give style to your bedroom and provide you with true cocooning comfort!

A 100% pure linen comforter cover

Noble materials for bed linen are in vogue. Gone are the synthetic fabrics and the poor quality cotton, back to the essential: to the 100% natural materials. Linen sets are trendy and ultra comfortable. Its insulating and absorbing power makes it an ideal material for a bed linen set. Sleeping in linen sheets guarantees an ideal temperature throughout the night. The crinkled look gives a classy, "neat without looking neat" effect to any bedroom.

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Forget about patterned comforter covers!

Less is more is the trend. For furniture, Scandinavian style, or clothing, bohemian and ethnic chic style, as well as for household linen, the watchword is: Back to basics! Avoid overloaded sets of patterns, which, most of the time, have difficulty to harmonize completely with the decoration of your room. Opt for a plain comforter cover, but... with style.

Sober, romantic or hippie chic line

Patterns are not the only thing that gives style to a comforter cover, on the contrary! The cut of the duvet cover, when it is well made, directly imposes a universe to the bedroom.

Looking for a bedding set that fits all interiors? Opt for a classic linen comforter cover. Looking for a romantic effect? The linen line of ruffled lin ens or comforter covers with big bows have a crazy cachet, giving a romantic style without overdoing it. Hippie chic bedding is also very trendy. Opt for a comforter cover with frayed edges to create a 60s Ibiza vibe!

The importance of color in a plain bedding set is great: bet on pure and refined colors. No half measures or bland tones. For a classic linen comforter, dare to use bright colors. Ruffled or fringed comforters lend themselves more to light tones such as linen, ivory, optical white, even green tea or ice blue.

Difficult to choose the color of your comforter cover? Opt for a reversible two-tone linen set.

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