The benefits of linen: from linens to clothing

Why choose linen linens and clothing? Linen has many advantages. Are you looking for a product that is eco-responsible, timeless, chic, hypoallergenic, breathable and easy to care for? Linen meets all these criteria!

A 100% natural and ecological fabric

Ecology is becoming more and more important in our lifestyle and in our choices. We care about the origins of material goods and food. Our consumption is turning towards natural and ecological products. Flax is one of them. Its cultivation requires no fertilizers or pesticides and is extremely fast. See our article The cultivation of flax by stages on this subject. Moreover, linen can be bought 100% French. Please check on the product label.

Flax is thermoregulatory and anti-allergic

A significant advantage of the fabric is that it is both anti-perspirant and heat conservative. In the summer you can enjoy a linen comforter cover or garment that breathes and feels cool, and in the winter its insulating power. Linen also absorbs moisture very well, more than 20% without becoming damp. This is why it is also used for shower curtains.

A fabric easy to maintain

What could be better than bed linen, table linen or a garment that requires no ironing? Washed linen is extremely easy to maintain and does not need to be ironed. Its crumpled effect is a sought-after characteristic. Quality linen can be machine washed without any problem. Discover the advantages of washed linen and how to care for it in our dedicated articles.

Linen household linen is noble and timeless

Opting for linen is also affirming your style. This noble fabric dresses all interiors. Whatever your furnishings, it will fit perfectly and offer a touch of elegance to the room. For curtains or table linens, choose a plain fabric preferably so you do not get tired but dare bright colors, ruffles or a border.

A pleasant fabric to wear

Worn, linen makes a simple casual outfit chic. It transcends fashion and goes with everything. This makes it a timeless garment. Quality, you will keep it for many, many years in your dressing room. In addition, linen clothing often has simple and sometimes loose cuts that fit all body types.

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