The linen placemat, elegant and original for all occasions

Whether it's for a business meal, a birthday party, a gathering of friends or a family lunch, all occasions are good to enjoy a good meal. Beyond the meal, you particularly like to take care of the decoration, to warmly welcome your guests. Have you ever thought of using linen placemats? Let's see the advantages of linen place mats and the different models according to the occasion.

The advantages of linen placemats

The placemat, if it protects your table from dirt and marks caused during a meal or from the heat of the plates, also has a decorative role. Most often rectangular in shape, this important element of the household linen replaces a tablecloth or can also overcome it. The origin of the placemat would go back to the 15th century. A famous Venetian antique dealer would have had the idea during a meal she had organized, when one of her guests found his table too simple. Placemats are very practical in many ways. They fit any size table. No need to take many dimensions and ask many questions. Each guest has his own set and enjoys the meal comfortably thanks to the linen, a very soft fabric but also natural and ecological. It will give a lot of charm and character to your table, for a meal in all conviviality. Linen placemats are very easy to care for. They can be machine washed without difficulty. Vary the colors of your placemats according to the
seasons: bright and sparkling colors in the summer and softer and more cocooning colors in the winter. You can match it with your napkins. If you want to put a tablecloth underneath, choose different colors to highlight your placemats.

Different models for different occasions

We offer several models of linen placemats. Follow our buying guide and tips to choose your linen placemats and get the effect you are looking for depending on the meals you organize. Linen placemats are sober and unassuming, they are suitable for all everyday occasions. From breakfast to dinner to snacks, these placemats will fit any style, from classic to modern. Made of 100% linen, they are easy to care for and can be washed often without fading.

Washed linen ruffle placemats

Planning a romantic meal for two? Choose our washed linen ruffled placemats. Also made of 100% linen, they are high quality and very resistant. They are as durable as they are pretty, elegant and very easy to care for.

Placemats with bourdon border

Very original, our bumblebee bordered placemats are ideal for special occasions, like a birthday or a good news to celebrate. You can choose the color of the bumblebee among six possibilities. Feel free to use them on a daily basis as well, as they are very durable and high quality. All our placemats are available in sets of 4 or 6, in 14 different colors. As for the dimensions, they measure 35x53 cm. Now you know all the advantages of linen placemats and the different models suitable for different occasions. All you have to do is make your choice. One thing is sure, your guests will feel very comfortable at your table and enjoy themselves!