Khaki, the trend color for 2021

If the khaki was already part of the trendy colors during the last seasons, it is clear that the craze for it does not weaken. This color at the border between green and brown has indeed a significant advantage, which is its ease of adaptation with many other colors. So, depending on how you use it and marry it, you can create all sorts of styles and moods with this color. While green, in all its shades, is increasingly popular in both fashion and interior design, khaki is a great match for all styles and desires. From khaki shirts to khaki bed linen, focus on the use of this particular hue to start the year 2021 in the air of time.

Khaki in clothing for multiple styles

In addition to being wearable by both men and women, khaki has the great advantage of being flattering to all skin tones: whether you have a light, matte or dark complexion, whether you are blond, brown or redhead, you can easily look your best with khaki clothing or accessories. Often equated with the "army" style for its affiliation with camouflage, khaki can however take on other characters depending on the pieces you associate with it: on feminine cuts, it will become much more sober and elegant, while it can create a "streetwear" effect if it is accessorized accordingly. Being able to be married to many shades, from darker to lighter through bright colors, it allows to vary the styles from a single piece. Khaki is also one of the colors that can be chic and worn in a professional context, like black, navy or beige. Finally, it is a color that can easily be worn in summer as well as winter, in total look or in small touches, and that adapts as well to clothes as to shoes and accessories.

Khaki in the decor for a warm atmosphere

If you like cocooning and comforting atmospheres, then khaki is the color you need for your interior design. This warm and soft tone is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, which will help you face the harshness of winter by combining intimacy and conviviality. It can be used in girls' or boys' bedrooms, as well as in a living room, kitchen or bathroom. Khaki can be used as a monochrome color or combined with other colors. We can for example imagine it in flat paint on one of the walls of the living room, or in small notes as in a bedroom with only a khaki pillowcase or a khaki comforter cover. In terms of association, again khaki can be married to a wide range of colors and textures, but some agreements in particular will allow you to make your interior modern and trendy. The most suitable color will be gold, or warm tones like terracotta, which will bring an elegant and very refined side. But you can also combine khaki with light shades around beige to soften it, or with bright colors like red or orange that will bring brightness to the room. Finally, khaki is an earthy shade that is most often associated with nature, so it will be perfectly matched with green plants, wooden furniture, or natural textiles like linen. You have a wide choice to let your imagination go around khaki, to create a trendy style that suits you.