Japandi, the new trend for 2021

But what is Japandi, this new trend that is sweeping the web at the beginning of 2021? What is its origin and what does it consist of? We tell you everything about this new style of interior design. The meeting between Japan and Scandinavia The name Japandi is in fact a simple contraction of the words Japan and Scandinavia. Indeed, this style that appears as a novelty is actually a subtle mix between the trends of Scandinavian cocooning andJapanese aesthetics, which have already invaded our interiors for several years.

Between the Danish Hygge...

We already knew the famous Hygge from Denmark. This art of cocooning is based above all on a warm, bright, comfortable and natural decor, which encourages you to enjoy life with your loved ones in a welcoming interior. It also emphasizes functionality and denies what is superficial.

...and the Japanese Wabi-Sabi

Less known and yet just as trendy, Wabi-Sabi from Japan is defined as the art of imperfect perfection. It invites us to be happy by simply being content with what we have, and emphasizes authenticity, sobriety, neutrality and minimalism. It seeks to create an environment of serenity and elegance.

Bringing Japandi into your home

The common point on which these 2 currents meet is minimalism: as they say, less is more! Here is how to install Japandi in your home to be at the forefront of the trend.

Sober and neutral colors

In terms of colors, we'll be looking for soft, sober colors, pastels or earth tones for example. Exit the too bright or shouting colors, we look for a palette of neutral and rather sedative colors, which allow to soothe the spirit. The colors of the Japandi will tend to be closer to the elements of the natural environment, such as the gray of the stone, the green of the plants or the color of the raw wood. Black can be added to create contrast, for example with a beautiful beige or taupe bedding.

Natural and authentic materials

In terms of lines and furniture, look for simplicity, sobriety and purity: no frills, straight lines or soft curves will be more appreciated. As for the materials, the objective is the same as for the colors: to remain natural. We will therefore logically avoid all synthetic materials to focus on raw and natural materials: solid wood for furniture, stone for a possible decoration, natural fibers for textiles ... Why not a beautiful comforter cover in natural linen, which in addition to being a noble and high quality material will provide you with unparalleled comfort.

Subtle and functional accessories

The art of decorating in Japandi is above all based on parsimony: we avoid cluttering the room at all costs and we keep only the essential elements, the most functional, but also the most pleasant to look at. The goal here is to keep the space open so as not to suffocate the spirit and feel at ease, so we look for something very uncluttered. Green plants are highly recommended, as they not only bring a bit of nature into the room and open it up to the outside, but also purify the air inside, to achieve a certain serenity of mind. It is now up to you to seize the Japandi trend to modernize your interior! You have all the keys in hand to succeed in finding theperfect harmony.