Take inspiration from nature to set your table

The beginnings of autumn are coming. We are slowly entering this new season, accompanied by a state of mind that wants more than anything to extend the summer period. This need for warmth also applies to your table, the place where the whole family gathers. What are the perfect colors for your table this season for Fall 2020? Whether it's for everyday, or for the Sunday dinner with the whole family, follow the Linenshed guide.

Go natural

The return to nature this year is one of the biggest trends in decorating for 2020. Whether it's for furniture or tableware, it also applies to your table linens. The choice of materials takes an important place and linen is perfect to accompany this trend. Whether your table is made of wood or rattan, linen will blend perfectly with these materials. Opt for a natural colored linen tablecloth that will be a great value for your table. This color will blend perfectly with all other colors, dark or light. You can also adopt a bolder style for your tablecloth, with brighter colors: red waking up any decoration, green which is the flagship color of this year, or of course the mustard tablecloth which has become a timeless. In order to perfect your table decoration, opt for ceramic tableware. With craftsmanship at the heart of the trend, this type of tableware will perfectly match your linen table linen. Whether it's for a breakfast table or larger family gatherings, whether you opt for a round linen tablecloth or a rectangular linen tablecloth, linen will be the perfect choice to make a difference. It should be noted that linen is a very easy to care for material. A turn in the machine, natural drying or tumble drying, your tablecloth will always come out more beautiful. This also applies to the small details. Apply these tips for choosing and coloring your linen towels while adopting the Mix n' Match trend. The coordinated napkins / tablecloth is no longer in order, we opt for the safe value "2 colors" or we apply the disorderly in the choice of multiple colors to give a spirit recovery. For the days requiring more elegance on your table, we opt for a linen table runner. Long or wide, under a pretty autumnal bouquet of sunflowers, the table runner will be the ultimate detail to your table decoration. It will also be very appropriate for a table decoration without tablecloth.

Natural and ecological trend

This natural trend has a second non-negligible advantage other than aesthetic which is its ecological aspect. Preferring linen for your decoration is also making the choice completely recyclable and biodegradable. Upstream, this material is created from linen, whose entire plant is used. It is also a plant requiring less water for its culture than cotton for example. You also opt for durability. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find old linen tablecloths in grandmothers' cupboards, totally intact and not having known the weight of years and large family gatherings. Linen, for your tablecloths or napkins, will accompany your tables beautifully and ethically, whether for your daily breakfasts or for your family brunches. Linenshed has selected for you the colors that will perfectly match your interior while fitting in perfectly with this trend. But it will also be perfect on the ethical choice. It's up to you!