The tablecloth, still trendy ? The must-have table linens!

The tablecloth is always in vogue! It is an essential part of the household linen. But a return to natural materials is taking place. It is possible to enjoy the touch, the sight and to consume eco-responsibly. Discover the trends in tableware.

The washed linen tablecloth, a timeless classic

The first step in table setting is the tablecloth. You thought it was out of fashion? And yet, it has never been so popular, but... forget about outdated placemats or the heaviness of waxed cloths, opt for washed linen. A light, soft and bright fabric. Don't be fooled by preconceived ideas, linen is very easy to care for. It is machine washable and does not require ironing! What more could you ask for? Check out our articles on linen care and the advantages of washed linen to make the switch to linen table linens for good.

A bright or intense colored tablecloth?

A brightly colored tablecloth stands on its own. It does not require much table decoration and will be perfect under sober tableware. But be sure to choose a color with a strong intensity. Eggplant, indigo blue, green olive or even black ink. Black is majestic under clean white tableware, crystal glasses and silverware. Light colored tablecloths, from the natural color of linen to an ice blue, ivory or mineral gray, will radiate a table. And any original decoration or tableware will find their place without diminishing the effect of the linen tablecloth.

100% pure linen napkins for a chic and ecological touch

Somewhat neglected in favor of paper napkins, cloth napkins are more in vogue than ever. Here is a short explanation of the phenomenon and the advantages of cloth napkins:

  • Sustainable and ethical consumption

    Consume better has become a mantra more and more followed and that's good! At a time when the society of overconsumption has never been so pointed out, choosing to opt for sustainable purchases is not a luxury. Opting for linen towels is to indulge yourself while following an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    • The return to natural materials

    In the same spirit, mentalities have finally evolved, synthetic materials have revealed their shortcomings and a return to natural materials is observed more and more. Surrounding oneself with pieces made of natural materials offers not only well-being, but also a healthy environment.

    Check out all our articles on table linen trends and discover our collections of table linens, tablecloths, napkins and table runners made from 100% French linen. Treat yourself to quality linen!