The curtains with knots

When embarking on the adventure of interior design, it is recommended to define a general idea of departure, a style that we wish to adopt and apply to the whole of a room or a home. This guideline allows you to establish a certain coherence between the different elements that you choose and that you associate, thus offering a harmonious and pleasant interior to live in. But if the style determines the choice of elements, the same decorative element can often meet several styles and thus allow to adapt. This is particularly true of curtains and sheers that dress up the windows beautifully and that, combined in a clever way, can allow you to move from one style to another easily, and thus stay in the trend. Today we focus on a particular model: the curtain with knots.

The curtains with knots, a timeless

There are many types of curtains and curtains to meet the different needs of the house. For example, in a living room we will choose a thin curtain to protect from the vis-à-vis while letting in the light, while we prefer blackout curtains for a room to ensure complete darkness to sleep. On each of these models, it is possible to choose different types of fixings depending on the system of hanging to which the curtain will be connected. Thus, you can opt for metal eyelets, fabric tabs, or knots, small strips of fabric that are tied around the bar. The latter, which can be found both on a curtain and curtains, have the advantage of being timeless, but also give the room a charm unmatched. Indeed, the curtains with knots are often used in homes in the style "shabby" chic, mixing a country spirit rather rustic to a more elegant and refined appearance. Both warm and distinguished, the "shabby" chic aesthetic lends itself perfectly to large old houses and country and bucolic environments.

Customization for style

While the knotted curtain, in general, reflects a rather chic country style, there are many different models with different quality and finishes. Thus, the creation of a unique style and own your home will also depend on your choices in terms of material and customization of your curtain. In terms of material, we will avoid synthetic fibers if we want to obtain a qualitative rendering: we will go instead to natural fibers such as cotton or linen. The latter, in addition to requiring no chemical treatment during its manufacture, also has the advantage of having thermoregulatory properties, which makes it a perfect insulator: we will choose linen curtains to combine the thermal performance and aesthetics in his home. At the level of finishes, they can be of different kinds: we can for example choose a plain color or patterned for more originality, a matching or mismatched knot to highlight it, or add a drone finish along the edges of the curtain or knots, for a very sophisticated and elegant. A trick with the curtain with knots: there are models that also have knots on the bottom edge of the curtain to allow you to pull it up and keep it at a different height, and thus enjoy more light!

And for those who would not find their happiness despite these different options for customization, why not look at the side of the fabric by the meter to create your curtains according to your own model? You will have all the time to choose the elements that resemble you and will fit best with your interior design.