DIY decor idea: create a linen canopy

When we are expecting a happy event, we want everything to be absolutely perfect to welcome this little being who will fill our lives. But we especially want to create a unique and original universe, which is at the same time playful, fairy-like, and also practical! So why not opt for a DIY (Do It Yourself) decoration? If the trend of the moment is home-made, it allows you to discover many tips accessible to all to create with your own hands, easily and at a lower cost. Today, a very simple idea and yet as original as elegant: create a linen canopy!

The canopy: for the baby's room... but not only!

There is no better way to create a fairy tale atmosphere: a pretty canopy made by you will plunge your child into an enchanted universe every night before going to bed. Made in a natural fabric like linen, as silky as resistant, and with soft and pastel colors, it will bring charm, tenderness and serenity, ideal for good nights of sleep.

But beyond the atmosphere it will create in the room, the linen canopy also has many advantages: it protects the one who shelters in it from insects and light, natural or artificial, which could interfere with quality sleep. It can also become a solution for parents who share their newborn's room! And if your child grows up and wants to part with it, use your imagination to transform the canopy into a beautiful indoor playroom or reading area.

The privilege of a beautiful canopy is not only reserved for children: by choosing a large width fabric in your haberdashery, it is quite possible to make a linen canopy compatible with a double bed. This way, you can create a unique atmosphere in your adult bedroom, in a bohemian chic style that will mix elegance and intimacy, a real cocoon of relaxation and well-being.

Tutorial: make your own linen canopy

In order to make your own custom linen canopy, follow the steps in this tutorial carefully.

After buying your linen washed by the meter on and making sure you have enough room, cut a 140cm x 210cm panel to make your base. You can leave the edges clear along the length of this panel, but we recommend that you hem the bottom of the fabric.

Next, cut out six small triangles measuring 22 cm by 35 cm, which you can sew together lengthwise. Then insert a 15 cm piece of ribbon folded in half into the tip of the pyramid you created, which will serve as a hook to hang the canopy.

Now assemble the hat to the body of the canopy by creating gathers in an elegant way (the body being wider than the hat). Before sewing, add two pieces of ribbon to each intersection of the triangles (inner side), 20-25 cm each, which will be used to hang the canopy on the metal circle that will give it its hold. Once all these elements are assembled, all you have to do is sew the whole thing together, then hang the circle with the ribbons.

Congratulations, you've just created a linen canopy with your own hands! Easy, right? All that's left is to select your colors, and add your touch: Embroidery, beads, ribbons and small feathers will perfectly suit this decorative element that will bring a touch of originality directly into this space.