How to choose a bedskirt, even for an electric bed! All our advice.

Do you want to redecorate your bedroom? We always think of repainting the walls first, then changing all the furniture, but sometimes you just need to change a few details to create a new universe conducive to relaxation and a good night's sleep. What if you start by looking at your bed? You find your box spring ugly and aging. Have you ever thought about a bed cover? This often forgotten element of bedding can give a new and much warmer atmosphere to your bedroom. Let's discover the advantages of using a bed cover and the custom-made models adapted to all beds.

The advantages of using a bedcover

The bed frame cover, as its name indicates, is used to hide a bed frame and its slats or springs. It is often the aspect that we like least in a bedroom. It will also protect the mattress and box spring against rubbing, stains and dust that accumulates in the smallest corners. Thanks to it, you will keep your bedding longer. Beyond these very practical aspects, it will also complete the decoration of your room. The bed cover will add a cocooning dimension to your sleeping space, while being elegant and discreet. You can match it with your bed linen for a nice harmony of colors or play the originality. Moreover, you need space for storage, you don't know where to put certain objects and you can't stand the mess in your room? You can then place boxes and other boxes under your bed to store all the things you use less often but don't want to throw away. Your bed cover will hide it all in an aesthetic way! You'll find your room more uncluttered and orderly. You will breathe again and you will be more ready for a good sleep, more restful. Another advantage, the bed cover is very easy to install. Finally, its maintenance is very simple: most models are machine washable at 30°C. No constraints.

A custom-made bed cover for all beds, and even for electric beds!

We offer a wide range of custom-made linen bed covers, suitable for all beds, even electric beds. Choose the model you need according to the size of your bed (from 80x190 cm to 200 x 200 cm). You can also choose the height of your bed cover (from 15 to 52 cm). Do you want the legs of your bed to be visible or do you prefer to hide them? Take the time to measure carefully. As for the colors, there are many possibilities: white, ivory, ice blue, natural, mineral gray, coral, green olive, etc. You can choose from 14 different colors for a perfect harmony with the decoration of your room. We offer a wide selection of linen bedcovers: bedcovers with open corners (classic and simple), bedcovers with elegant and timeless bows, bedcovers with refined split corners, bedcovers with ultra-romantic gathers or bedcovers with shabby chic ruffles for a bedroom full of charm. Choose according to the atmosphere of your room and your desires. Need a matching bedding set? Discover our collection of linen sheets, comforter covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads, not to mention linen curtains for a cozy little nest. Now you know more about linen bed covers and their advantages. Now all you have to do is choose. Measure well before ordering and take the time to look at each model. Project yourself in your room and imagine the colors you want the most for a cocooning and restful space.